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[[File:GeATmo1RaTQHF7KS_m7WDa_large.png|thumb|322px]]'''"Ciara Rainz" '''
<p style="text-align:center">Ciara is a fancharacter made by</p>
'''Her Life'''
In time of war to the failure was born a girl named Ciara, this war was a terrible
Ciara wolf, it is categorically not even see the thoughts of love and all due to the fact that a deep childhood her parents abandoned (as she was told)
Ciara now 15 years old
'''[[File:This_is_not_a_crime_to_her_by_sweetyV.png|thumb|left|208px]]Venttedah Rainz'''
Venttedah is Ciara's cousin
Venttedah lion loves his cousin, does not it hurt, feels for her, even brotherly feelings for.
Venttedah is bowing family Rainz
'''Little Charmy Bee'''
Ciara's first friend, and he is her best friend
'''Other Friends'''
Ciara's other friends are
*Topas Brown the Lion & Alan brown the lion
*Samiliya the cat
*Beglianka the Wolf
*Nacato Monuco
*Bully the Bull
*Nika the Fox
*Crow the Wolf
*Sheils the Fox
'''Facts About Ciara Rainz'''
*Ciara is sometimes called C.r.
*She is A half Demon Wolf
*At Full moon her eyes are violet
*Ciara has a Voo-doo doll called "Ciara's Doll"
'''Theme Songs'''
Mostly Ciara's main theme songs have always been a bit of a Alternative rock, Trance, or Gothic Rock
====''009 Sound System Dreamscape''[ Link]====
====''Evanescence: Fallen- Bring Me to Life''''[ Link YouTube]'''''====
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This is not a crime to her by sweetyV.png
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