"Life is a playground!"

Background Story

Abigail was born on Angel Island with her mother and father, Lisa and Andrew. Born on the island, living around flowers and the plants she learnt about flowers and cooking with the plants. When she was 12 years old she stayed at Mobuis for 1 year. After she moved back to Angel Island, meting a new friend, Sophie 'Sophz' Echidna. Sophz by then had met Knuckles, they showed her around and told her about the history of her family. Abi, is one of her well nicknames. Sophz showed her to her friends, Jacqui the Hedgehog and Tara Rabbit. They made the Team Chaos all together. 1 year later, Abi turned 14 years old met Josh the Fox, they became really good friends and came close with eachother.


Abby is a chearfull person who always helps people, she loves her flowers and is always giving stuff a try. She is always there to help people in need when neened

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