" Im the toughest ' guy ' out there,please,you don't need to call me a girl. "- Acdercuis to her best friend who is a boy'.

" I,I am tired of my mom forcing me to go to manners school and all of that! "

Basic Information:


Acdercuis Mintsfall Cacarduis Menbinues Flow Beareir Fall Flower Sand Messlow MessFlow Beach

Style and Attitude:

Bad girl,Tomboy


A yellow and black fur and black hair.


Favorite Sport:

Basketball,it shows off her skills and she loves jerseys :3 .


One day 2 moubians,a lord and a lady of Mashira Beachvale were crying,the lady could not bare a child.Then she looks at a letter,she knew that her husband might dicline it,but at that time what else could they do,owning the city was a big thing and they needed love beside thereselves,a child.They had only one choice.Eggman was asking them to " own " the city for any wish they wanted.So that was the wish,they had to give money to Eggman every month from every citezen.For a daughter.A robot daughter.Acdercuis,a beautiful girl who was forced to go to manners tutoring thow she is a tomboy who loves playing regular boys like games.When she learned that Eggman was evil, she did a few sucide attempts and then ran-away from home to be a Freedom Fighter ( Yup,I go OLDSCHOOL!!!! ) the end.Loves her baseball cap.She is very hounest and mysteriouce.Now she is a spie in the freedomfighters.Spieng on enemies of the FF's.

Allies,Friends and Enemies:

Bisis Metak-



She thinks he is weird he thinks she is weird.


There friends,they like taunting Sonic.


There friends but she thinks Amy is annoying.


Teases her because she looks like a boy.She does not care.


They are friends too.


She got to see her before.They weren't so close but she did give her a cake to welcome her to Mobuis.

Any other information:

To be made.

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