Name: Adrastea the Wretchedhog

Age: Ageless (appears 15 or 17)
Adrastea the wretched 2

Species: Wretched (will explain at the bottom)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Height: N/A (appears around Sonic's height)

Weight: N/A

Likes: Sweets, children, draw, goth stuff, cooking, cheer up her people, Sonic, Shadow, Silver (may have a crush on them, but not sure which one), shopping, dogs, her mother, Tails, and Blaze

Dislikes: her father, trust people, someone hurt her friends, slutty girls, being interrupted, rude people, Fiona, Scrouge, Dr. Eggman, being hunt down by her father's followers


Adrastea has like a split personality done by the curse on her mother's side. She seems cheerful, kind-hearted, little air-headed, and sometimes much protected when she see her friends in danger. Quite motherly instinct around children, especially Tails. Adrastea has a quite super strength like bashing stuff to get anyone attention or if someone hurt Tails or her friends, she gives them a taste of her own medicine. Does have a short temper. She actually real shy meeting new people.

A hearten shape on her chest is a seal from keeping her true personality revealed and her demon form. If it does, she'll become an emotionless smiling psychopathic murderous behavior. May still deeply cared for her friends in this state.

Adrastea is kind of a masochist more often due to losing her abilities to feel pain all thanks to her father's physical abusing.


A kind of a alien demon mix spirit creatures born when a soul of humans or mobians are deeply afflicted, dejected, or distressed in body or mind through death. They do have normal forms only when they go to others dimensions. Their bodies are black skinned with stitches marks over sides of their body parts. Women don't have muzzles, men does. Some may have symbols on their chested described as a cursed. Wretches love to feast on people souls. They, also, convince a person if they wanted to see their dead loves ones only for about five minutes.


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