Alecia " Alex " Mestica Mariasi the Bunny

" Wow, your so stupid, I don't want money or fame, I kill for the thrill "

Basic Information:

Needable Information:

Character: Alexis Mestica Mariasi " Alex "

Age: 14

Your style/attitude: Tomboy

Qoute: Wow

Fur/Hair color: Orange and Yellow

Eye: Yellow

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Species: Rabbit

Personality: Softhearted, but bossy.


Weight: 64.2

IQ: 99.8

Marital Status: None

DOB: 11/20/11

Birth Place: Elegacia Beautix

Residence: Travels around usaully around Knothole

Occupation: Asassin

Social Class: She might seem low class but she can act high class when she wants.

Economic Class: None

Alignment: Seems like a neautraul but more like a neautral goodguy.

Top Speed: 76.4

Basic Stats Agility - 12 Speed - 16 Strength - 20 Defense - 14 Evasiveness - 10 Dexterity - 12 Intelligence - 20 Skill - 10

Special Attacks: Heart blast- She can make someone fall in love with her then she blast them with some ind of heart magic that can literally hurt her. ( Now none of her powers work in the other gender but she has another power) Gender bender- She can change to a male.

Abilities & Aptitude:Seducing,

Hobbies & Talents:

Weaknesses: TEDDY BEARS there to cute to hurt :3 <3

Hair/Quill Style: Short and rugged or long and rugged.

Attire: Either a bra and some shorts/pants, or a tshirt with pants/short. Never skirts or dresses besides on special occasions.

Items & Weapons: Sword,pistol,knife,first-aid kit, rope.


Alecia lived in a little town full of rich people, being that Alex never liked rich people and elegant things, she hated it there. Then the FR a group of raiders who burnt down rich towns destroyed the town. Her father and her* her mother ran away to her mothers house for some reasons weeks before * ran away to a forest. There he taught her about fighting skills. Elegants un-neeeded. Alex like. From age 4 to age 14 she learned combat, book reading, and some hints of elegants and her powers. The power of Seducing. This power had helped her thruough many ocassions Now-adays she is a loner assasin who usaully helps the good guys.

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