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Alexa The Hedgehog Is Jonathan The Hedgehog's Young Passionate Sister And Sidekick She Has Long Green Hair Wears An Light Blue T-Shirt Which Shows Her Boobs And Green Stomach Dark Brown And Yellow Belt, Black Jeans And White/Black Shoes She Has Black Ears And Wears Black Inhibitor Rings She Has Aqua Blue Eyes With Black Irises And Has An Green Tail And Light Yellow Mouth And Has Big Black Eyelashes Fun Fact: Alexa Is Hannah's Girlfriend As They Are Dating She Is Also The Host Alongside Hannah, Katie, Samantha, Cindy, Kayla And Jennifer The Hedgehog Of This Year's Sonic Fandom Convention Where Users Display Their Fan Movies One Of Which Is The Sneak Peek Of Alexa The Hedgehog 2: The Journey Begins She Also Has Her Own YouTube Channel Called "AlexaTheHedgehog" Where She Posts Her Videos She Is More Of A Sidekick Character She Is Jonathan's Fancharacter He Owns The Rights To Use Her  Fun Fact: She Is Jonathan's Real Life Best Friend

Life In Anti-Mobius

Alexa The Hedgehog Was Born In Anti-Mobius Where There Was Many Crimes Committed Alexa Didn't Like What Anti-Mobius Has Become And Decided To Start An Project Which Would Turn Anti-Mobius Into An Peaceful Place Her Best Friends Are Katie The Hedgehog, Samantha The Hedgehog, Cindy The Hedgehog, Kayla The Hedgehog And Jennifer The Hedgehog Together They Would Have Enough Funding To Turn Anti-Mobius From A Crime Filled Place To An Peaceful Place She Would Encounter The Suppression Squad Throughout Her Life Seeing As She Hates Them

Prostitution Work

She Also Has Worked As A Prostitute Selling Herself To Other People Along With Her Friends Jonathan The Hedgehog Who Just Recently Got Back From Defeating Eggman Couldn't Help But Notice Alexa's Looks And Attractiveness And So He Decides To Take Them All Home With Him Once That Happens However He Was Arrested And Put In Jail Alexa Filled With Guilt Decided To Break Jonathan Out Of Jail Once Out Of Jail Jonathan Changed His Gender And Sex To Become Hannah The Hedgehog (Everyone's Lovable Female Green Hedgehog)

Battle With The Assault Of Roses Army

Hannah The Hedgehog Then Leads Her Group Into Battle With The Assault Of Roses Army During The Battle They Attacked Them Forcing Them To Retreat

Capturing Darka Marapore

They Were Tasked With Capturing Darka Marapore It Was No Easy Task However Laina Paramore Did Lend An Hand In The Search And As A Result Darka Was Arrested And Placed In Custody

Laina's Membership

While Darka Was In Jail Laina Paramore Decided To Join Hannah The Hedgehog And Her Friends

Character And Design

At This Point Alexa Gave Herself An Charming Look Hoping That Would Gain Her Notority For She Is Described As An "Green Female Hedgehog"


Alexa The Hedgehog (Real Name: Alexandra Hedgehog) Was Actually Born On Westside Island Not Anti-Mobius On Westside Island She Conversed With All Of It's Citizens Hoping To Resolve This Issue Just Then Their President Candy Cane The Hedgehog (Who Was Sporting An Sexy Look) Happily Announces That She And Alexa Were In Talks Of Getting An Security System In Place So It Ensures Their Safety

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