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Amy Rose As She Appears Amy Wears An White Tanktop With An Heart On It Showing Her Huge Boobs And Pink Stomach She Wears Her White And Red Skirt With An White/Red Belt On It She Wears Black High Socks Red Bootse She Also Wore An Red Jacket Vest And She Wore An Red Bow On Her Head She Has Green Eyes And An Pink Tail She Wore White Gloves She Also Owns An Pink Sports Car Which Was Highly Upgraded And Updated Making It More Powerful, Invincible And Indestructible Amy Also Has An Daughter Named Amy Rose Jr Who Wore The Exact Clothing As Amy And Had Her Pink Fur And Tail Too They Became Family And They Do Fun And Exciting Things She Is The Proud Mother Of 10 (Michelle Rose, Amy Rose Jr, Samantha Rose, Jessica Rose, Emily Rose, Morgan Rose, Annabelle Rose And Tiffany Rose, Rachael Rose And Jennifer Rose) All Of Whom Are Extremely Helpful To Her

Role In Amy Rose SATAM

Her Character In Amy Rose SATAM Is Kind, Humble, Thoughtful, Loyal, Caring, Considerate And Soft-Spoken She Leads Her Rose Family As It's Leader


Amy Is An Very Friendly, Energetic, Happy, Cheerful And Passionate Girl That Just Loves To Save Mobius With Her Family She Has An Strong Bond With Her Family


Amy Instead Of Using Her Piko-Piko Hammer Now Has Her New Set Of Abilities Which Allow Her To Get To Hidden Passageways

Appearances In TV Series

Amy Rose SATAM (1993-Present)

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