Anne The Hedgehog
Anne The Hedgehog Is The Mother Of Annabelle The Hedgehog She Is Most Notably Known For Her Chaos Powers And Abilities Anne Has Long Black Hair And Red Quills Anne Has Long Black Spikes She Wears An Light YellowAnd Green Tanktop Which Showed Her Boobs Sticking Out Of The Tanktop And Black And Light Pale Tan Stomach Dark Blue And Red Jacket Anne Wore Black, Red And White Design Sweatpants Anne Wore Shadow's Shoes Anne Wore An  Dark Blue/White Bandana Around Her Pants Anne Wore An Light Green Scarf And Light Tan Mouth With Her Actual Mouth Showing She Wore White Gloves

First Mission

After Being Released From The Stasis Tube Anne Immediately Decided To Form An Group Consisting Of Herself, Annabelle The Hedgehog , Mindy The Hedgehog, Mandy The Hedgehog, Angel The Hedgehog, Advangelique The Hedgehog, Melissa The Hedgehog, Jessica The Hedgehog, Kayla The Hedgehog, Layla The Hedgehog  Iblis The Hedgehog And Meiko The Hedgehog They Were Known As "Anne's Freedom Fighters" Shortly After Their Formation They Got Their First Mission

Storming The Castle

One Of Anne's Memorable Moments Came When She Directed An All Out Assault On Anti Castle Acorn And The Resistance As They Were Now Called Stormed The Castle The Suppression Squad Immediately Went To War With Them But Ultimately Lost While Anne Took On Super Scourge Who Was No Match For Anne's Abilities And Powers Rosy Then Tried To Attack Them With Her Spiked Green Piko Piko Hammer Only To Be Tossed To The Side Like An Ragdoll By Anne The Hedgehog Hours Later They Were Sent To No Zone Jail

Fighting Off Prelates And Enerjak

When Anne And The Female Hedgehogs Arrived On Mobius They Were Shocked To Find Each And Every One Of The Mobians Coreless And So Anne And The Resistance Sped Off For Dark Mobius As They Prepare To Battle The Prelates They Took It To The Prelates As They Fought Them Off One By One With Enerjak Sending Out More Prelates But They Fall As Well


Although She Is Believed To Be Part Of Eggman's Plan To Take Over The World But As It Turns Out She Cut Ties With Eggman

Anne The Hedgehog Was Born On The Space Colony Ark But Resided In South Island

Anne Is Not German As She Had Previously Stated

Anne Had The

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