Fire, destruction, causing fear, being afraid, limelight


Being ignored, sympathetic people

Atomic the Hedgehog


He lived a relatively normal childhood, other than that his family knew that something was wrong. Atomic was always a troubled individual with delusions of grandure and a lot of anger within himself. One day he discovered his tallent, and from there decided to act on his destiny... He would become a destroyer and a cruel ruler. It was what he wanted. He killed everyone he had known and made a new life for himself as a destroyer. His targets were always ones that would get attention to himself, like GUN bases and locations of importance, and his next plan was to target someone who was rather popular in the news lately... someone named Sonic.


Atomic can split atoms and create radioactive energy with his body. The energy he outputs can be in a gas or liquid. If gas, it is highly flamable and toxic. If in a liquid, it's acidic to the touch and poisoness. Either way, it's probably best to avoid his radiation. His power takes a lot of physical energy and concentration.

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