Barb in normal attire

Barb the Porcupine (バーブ・ザ・ポーキュパイン, bâbu za pôkyupain) is a 15-year-old, anthropomorphic porcupine Sonic fancharacter created by Zelfidite on dA.

Basic Info

Barb is a 15-year-old porcupine girl living on the Emerald Coast who, due to her current financial problems, lives with her parents, Bolt (father) and Quill (mother). She works as a cook at the Emerald Diner (such creative names, uhuhu) because she gets to eat with an employee's discount of 50%.


Barb was born to Bolt and Quill, her father and mother, into a working class family moving to the Emerald Coast to escape the stress of the bigger cities. However, Emerald Coast is filled with various gangs and shady groups in which Barb got involved.

More of this later.


The first impression this porcupine gets when people first meet her can be summed up with just one word: smartass. She's smart and analytical, but instead of letting others in on her observations, she lets others find out on their own and then makes fun of them for not realizing it sooner. Her argumentative nature means the smallest topic of opposing opinions turns into a battlefield of insults and sometimes physical violence. She has a temper and will ride on her own assumptions when she starts a fight, and she takes any comments toward herself very personally.

However, because she's so analytical, she can tell how a person is feeling and make a correct assumption 99% of the time why the person is feeling how he is. Her sympathetic nature leads her to helping strangers, even if it gets in the way of previous engagements (i.e. work). Her morals leans toward a black-and-white way of thinking, and she gets frustrated when she can't define something exactly good or evil. However, because of the "tough girl" image she has built up on the Emerald Coast, she is extremely reluctant to let this part of her show, especially to her co-workers.


Immense strength, ability to change size, yadda yadda.



Random Facts


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