Blake sprite
Name: Blake

Age: 13

Side: good

Forms: SSJ1, Speed, Uber, SSJ2, Dark, and Hollow

Quote: "This will be over in a minute..."

Profile: Blake is just a decent hedghog who can sorta act like an idiot. BUT he is smart though. He has many friends. He also knows a repliod named Alex. He is a big fan of the megaman video game series. His favorite is the ZX series, featuring the charaters Vent, Aile, Ashe, and Grey. So far he has 5 forms. SSJ1, SSJ2, Speed, Dark, Uber, and Hollow. He has saved the world from tiriny. Twice. Along with the help of his friends.

"so this my first time uplouding my profile here in this web. I hope this good. And updates will be coming soon. Like my friends. So for now, see ya."

Blake. P.S. I can unlock Both Uber and Dark from my anger.

1st update 3/17/11 this is my theme song

2nd update 3/18/11 This is my gallery

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