BlitZ is a Fan Based Character mad by

BlitZ with Jacket - 1

Vergil 'Blitzkrieg' Foxhound

Basic Info

  • Real Name: Vergil Foxhound
  • Code Name:


  • AKA:

Vergil BlitZ Krieg

  • Nationality:

African American

  • Affiliations:
Team Outlaw (BlitZ, Dominic, and Ry)
  • Occupation:
GUN soldier
  • Current Status:


  • Birthplace:


  • Birthday:

January 10

  • Age:



BlitZ is skilled at using a CQC(Close Quarters Combat) and adept at using various firearms, mainly assault rifles, sniper rifles, and handguns. In addition to his skills as a soldier, he also has a strong sense of smell, allowing him to track down his anybody even by the faintest scent.


BlitZ is a sociopath. He is known to be quite snarky and and cynical. He also shows deep hatred for the idea of law & order, believing that order merely exists so sentient beings such as him can destroy it, and bring nothing but ruin. He continued to follow this ideal since he became a mercenary.

Another interesting trait, is BlitZ's fear of rats, which is the result of a phobia he suffered at a young age when his home had fallen victim to a rat infestation. This fear continues to haunt him to this day.

Despite his apparent cruel demeanor, BlitZ does have a kind heart, he is merely unwilling to express himself. In truth, he is somewhat of a shy person.


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