Bunny the Electronic Warrior By bunthequil

"I'm not a everyday rabbit,I'm a fire rabbit from the future,I was born to this world to be a warrior,a warrior to bring peace!" ~ Bunny


Bunny was born in the future to become a warrior and kill all evil.Her parents were forced to give her up the moment Bunny was born,it was their only choice.Every single day Bunny trained and never gave up.When she was 9,Iblis destroyed everything,killing everyone,except Bunny.As everyone burned in the lava,Bunny was passed out sinking into the fiery grave.But as soon as she woke up,she jumped out of the lava,hot in flames and starting to turn into her fiery self.Every year she was alone,with no one to help her,she kept wondering why she survived without food or water.One day,she was still alone but 2 figures were there to help her.Her 2 new mobian friends called Silver and Blaze helped her find food,water,and to get back to being the warrior she was supposed to be.After several months of training,she was strong enough to defeat Iblis,and which she did making her one of the best warriors,in which they called her Bunny the Electronic Warrior.A year past,she had gotten a boyfriend named Champ and had a child named Champy,she finally had a family again!

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