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Carly the Rabbit (also known as Carlisle Rabbit) is a sonic fan character that takes place in the ongoing comic book series, Sonic Universe. Not very popular, starting line on


Early Life

Carly was born in a mobian city called Furville, raised by her mother, Cassidy. The city was later invaded by "Revenge Seven" (an organization from the dimension Möbius).

They intended to capture and imprison one of the "designated", that was according to the prophecy in their world. During the invasion, the leader of the invaders confronted Carly's mother. Cassidy realized that the so called "designated" happens to be her own daughter. Cassidy then decided to clever up a deal with them, instead having her as prisoner. The loss of Cassidy profound impact on Carly's life.

Later Life

After the death of Cassidy, Carly was took in by her father Romulus Rabbit and stepsister Gretchen M. Rabbit, but didn't felt confort. When she reached junior high school, she found out that she was able to read people's minds. The more she read her friends' minds, the more she realized the fact that they didn't enjoy her company. Carly returned home heartbroken by this rejection. Romulus suggested that perhaps the school she went in held too many painful memories and it was time to find a new life in a new city. Gretchen decided that New Mobotropolis would probably be the best place for them to move to.

The Warriors of Sovereignty

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