Chase The Hedgehog

Chase The Hedgehog Is Jonathan The Hedgehog Ver 2's Best Friend And Pal Who Accompanies Him On The Journey For The Chaos Emeralds

Basic Information

Name: Chase The Hedgehog

Species: Hedgehog

Age: 15

Height: 6"3

Weight: 195

Likes: Video Games

Dislikes: None

Appearances In Movies

Chase Is Confirmed To Appear In The New Movie: Jonathan And Laina Paramore The Ultimate Defenders Of Temperal City Along With Jason The Hedgehog, Shawn The Hedgehog, S.P The Hedgehog, Darka Paramore, Stacy The Hedgehog As Members Of Jonathan's Posse As Chase Refers To As Group Of Helpers Chase Plays An Significant Role In The Movie


Chase Is A Loyal Hedgehog To Jonathan And Will Assist Him On His Adventures

Fun Facts

Chase Is The Only Hedgehog Who Is Taller Jonathan Is The Shortest Hedgehog

About Chase

Chase Was Born In New Mobotropolis In 1990 During Robotnik's Seizure Of New Mobotropolis To Anna And Dean The Hedgehog

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