Classic Jonathan The Hedgehog

The Classic Version Of Jonathan The Hedgehog

1. Character Conception

Classic Jonathan Is Designed By Jonathan And The23Team He Is Specifically Designed To Be Jonathan The Hedgehog's Sidekick And Companion

2.Classic Jonathan The Hedgehog (Video Game Character)

Classic Jonathan's First Official Game Appearance Was In 1993 With Jonathan The Hedgehog 2.0 Which Included An Story Mode Has Been Featured In Many Games Ever Since Heck Starred In A Sonic Game

2.1 The Origin Of Classic Jonathan

He Was Created Shortly After His Modern Self Was Created Back In 2012 By Jonathan His Name Was Given To Him By Jonathan Who Had His Name Used For His Classic Form

2.2 Personality Traits

He Has Jonathan's Personality Kind And Humbled And Is Specifically Opposed To Unjustice By Dr. Eggman By Any Means And Is Very Humorous And Funny

Classic Jonathan In Other Media

3.1 Westernized Game Localizations

His Very First Appearance Was In Sonic CD Where He Is Seen Fighting Metal Sonic And Saving Amy Rose Who Thanked Classic Jonathan By Giving Him A Kiss

3.2 Shogakukan Manga

Classic Jonathan Did Have An Series Of Mangas Starting With The First One In 1993 Entitled "Jonathan The Hedgehog" Which Tells About A Human Boy Named Jonathan Washington Who Can Turn Into Jonathan The Hedgehog A Short Stubby Hedgehog Who Is Very Fast Amy Rose Does Make Appearances In The Mangas Series And Is Still In The Series Amy Said "It Was A Honor Working With Jonathan On The Mangas" All The Mangas Were Written By Jonathan Himself And Illustrated By Amy Rose His Success With The Mangas Landed Him In Big Time Fame For His Mangas His First One He Wrote He Was Just 2 Years Old And Amy Was Just 8 They Still Are Partners To This Day Sonic Read One Of His 1993 Mangas And Said "Wow This Kid's Got An Bright Future In Writing His Own Mangas" That Bright Future Got Jonathan To Stardom And Fame His Mangas Were Well-Received By Critics Citing Jonathan Put Thought Into This The 2012 Manga Has Gotten Positive Reaction From Critics Citing Jonathan Did It Again He Never Tires Can This Guy Be Good He's Great

3.3 Jonathan The Comic

In 1993 Fleetway Did A Special Comic Called "Jonathan The Comic" Which Introduces Us To Jonathan The Hedgehog Fleetway Actually Produced 104 Issues Producing Jonathan The Hedgehog Series Which Is Still Going In 1993 Sonic The Comic/Jonathan The Comic Combined To Do "Sonic The Comic/Jonathan The Comic Series" In The 2001 Sonic The Comic/Jonathan The Comic Issue #199 2 Shadows Shadow The Hedgehog (JTC) And Shadow The Hedgehog (STC) Have Been Fighting Amongst Themselves To See Who Will Gain Amy's Trust By This Point Jonathan The Hedgehog Now 9 Beat Both Of Them Which Left Them Puzzled And Amy Rose Trusted Jonathan More Than Shadow

3.4 Jonathan The Hedgehog (Archie)

In The Archie Series "Jonathan The Hedgehog" Jonathan Is Now Listed At 13 Years Old And Resides In Mobius Protecting Mobius From Eggman

3.5 Jonathan X

In The 2003 Series Jonathan X Jonathan Now 15 Still Has His Goal Defend Earth From Eggman With Help From Amy Rose Once More Jonathan Successfully Defends Earth From Eggman (Who Eventually Goes In Hiding And Kills Himself)


Out Of The Original Characters Jonathan The Hedgehog Has Been Given The Nickname JTH (Jonathan The Hedgehog)

Jonathan's Original Age In Sonic CD Was 2 Years Old He Rapidly Grows Older By The Year

Jonathan Is 5"7 And Weighs 150 Pounds


Video Games

1993-Sonic CD

1993-Jonathan The Hedgehog 2.0

2005-Jonathan The Hedgehog (Video Game)

2011-Jonathan Generations

Comic Books

Jonathan The Comic Fleetway, UK)

Jonathan The Hedgehog Archie, US)

Jonathan The Hedgehog Shogakukan, US)

Theme Songs

"The Kid In Us"-Ricky Martin And The Boyz (1993)

"JTH"-Crush 40 (1998)

"Jonathan"-50 Cent (2011)

" Sonic Boom"-Crush 40 And Cash Cash (2012)

Voice Actors

Jonathan Washington (Jonathan The Hedgehog 2.0, Sonic CD, Jonathan The Hedgehog (2005), Jonathan Generations (2011), Jonathan X (2003)

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