Clyde Prowler

Clyde Prowler, Leader of the Team Moltra, created by Silverolf

Clyde Prowler, The Lonely Fox

Fan Character made by Silverolf

Clyde Prowler, or just Clyde, is a Eighteen year old boy. He is the false brother of Tails, so the false cousin of Becky. He don't have very particular power, execpt when he turn is tails, like Miles or Becky, but with more easiness. Unfortunately, he can't stay more longer in the air, compensate with is incredible knowlegde (he learn all he was know to is brother). He was create the 16 April 2011. When he touch a Chaos Emerals, he can control a element depending on the color of this Emerals. Unlike Eggman or Rouge, he goal is not to keep the Emerals for imself and he very dislike this power. He don't want to be like the people wose kill is real family.

When he was 8, his mom and his dad dies right into is eyes by the minion of Robotnik, because he wanted to place is base here. Before theres dead, the parents of Clyde ask im to flee to a savety place.

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