Basic info

Name: Crash
Species: hedgehog

Background Story

Crash lives in the downtown sector of the city. He's a very creative guy with a lot of time on his hands. When he's not programming his own videogames or websites, he's trying anything new. He's taken at least one class of piano, ballroom dancing, painting, guitar, karate, etc, but he hasn't ever continued any of his classes beyond 4 class sessions. He doesn't sleep. Ever. One day while he was at work on his computer, he ran into errors in his own programming. He was appalled and frustrated. He shouted at the computer for a few minutes then took a deep breath. He watched while suddenly, the error corrected its self. Thinking he'd gone mad, he arranged a little experiment to see if it would happen again. Indeed, it did. It took him several months to realize that it wasn't his computer that could correct the errors without input. He found out that his mind could somehow interfere with anything that has a motherboard. He stopped trying new classes/hobbies and spent his time practicing this power, knowing that some day it would be of great use....



the ability to manipulate computers [spesifically, motherboards] with one's mind.


Crash is always curious and looking for new ways to occupy his time, though frequently gives up and moves on to other things. The only things that are constantly with his interests are computers and technology, with the rest falling to the wayside. He's a nice person but he really only cares about his own interests. He could get along with bad guys and/or good guys, depending on how he feels the relationship could benefit him. If he feels he isn't going to get anything in return, he will betray his allies.

Interactions with other characters

He would get along with Tails if he meets Tails. Crash becomes Rage's best friend late into their story.


A sandy dirty-blonde hedgehog with a constantly tired and bored look on his face. He has light blue eyes. He often wears a dirty t-shirt, torn pants, and flipflop sandles. He always has at least one laptop on his person.

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