Dark Jonathan The Hedgehog Is Jonathan's Dark Form He Is Made Out Of The Negative Energy Of The Chaos Emeralds And Jonathan's Anger And Rage Some Say He Is Uncontrollable In Most Cases Jonathan Would Get So Ticked Off That He Transforms Into Dark Jonathan The Hedgehog He Is Far Powerful Than Dark Sonic And Can Do More Damage Than Dark Sonic He Did Whatever He Had To To Protect Mobius Not Destroy It

1. "I Am Dark Jonathan The Hedgehog My Main Purpose Is To Protect Mobius From Pure Evil And Destruction Whatever You Do Don't Make Me Angry You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry"-Dark Jonathan

2. Theme Song: 'Now You've Really Crossed The Line'

3. Background Story:

Dark Jonathan The Hedgehog Was Made Out Of The Negative Energy Of The Chaos Emeralds And Jonathan's Hatred, Anger And Rage Jonathan Would Periodically Flicker Between His Natural Black/Red Fur Color And Black Fur Until An Huge Explosion Occurs And Dark Jonathan The Hedgehog Stood Before Shadow, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shade And Luna The Hedgehog Luna Gasped And Ran Away But She Didn't Get Far He Caught Her And Demanded That She Take Back The Wrong Things She Said About People In General Or Else She Dies Luna Cried And Apologized To The People She Was In The Wrong

4. Abilities:

Unlike His Normal Form He Is Much Powerful In This Form Possessing The Following Abilities

Dark Thunder

Dark Electric Blast

Dark Chaos Control

Dark Chaos Blast

Dark Chaos Spear

Dark Chaos Time Freeze

Dark Chaos Overdrive

5. Appearance:

He Looks Like Super Sonic Except His Quills Are Black And Pointed Upwards

6. Weaknesses

He Has No Weaknesses To Be Exact

7. First Appearance: Dark Jonathan The Hedgehog (Game)

The Game Tells The Story Of Two Sides Of Jonathan And Dark Jonathan The Hedgehog

8. Personality:

He Is Rather Sometimes Clueless And Full Of Blooper Reels Waiting To Happen And He Messes Up A Lot More Frequently Than His Normal Self Despite That He Is A Fighter He'll Fight Until The End The Clueless And Blooper Reels Part Makes Luna Laugh Her Ass Off She Isn't Perfect Either And Makes Common Errors And Mistakes A Lot More Than Jonathan Does In His Normal Form

9. Main Relationships

9.1 Dark Amy Rose-

Dark Jonathan Knows Her Very Well They Are The Only Two Guardians Of The Master Emerald But There's Five More Dark Luna, Dark Becky, Dark Venus, Dark Hinote The Cat And Dark Blaze The Cat

9.2 Dark Luna The Hedgehog-

Dark Luna Is His Mother She Knows Her Son Very Well The 5 Guardians Guard The Master Emeralds Dark Luna Just Remembered Something The Master Emerald Jonathan In His Normal Form Uses That To Go Super

9.3 Dark Becky The Hedgehog-

His Fellow Dark Compatriot Becky Has A Huge Sense Of Humor And Loves To Laugh And Giggle Making Her The Perfect Candidate For The Job Becky Also Knows That They Must Protect The Master Emerald

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