==Name: Dash Nikkie Sanchez

Age: 17

Weapons:her shoe spikes can turn upside down and sratch anything and 2 spikes pop out of her gloves

Powers: the power to run very fast and create invisible stairs in the air(because of her dimands) lighting powers (its white in normal but black in supper form)physic powers

Likes:music,lives being saved,pie,friends,her team,Sonic,Tails,Rouge,Nikkie(mine) Nicole,and Sally Acorn

Dislikes: destruction, Shadow, Amy, bad food, Eggman(Dr.Robotnik) Talent: singing,keybored,

Story: Dash was a young girl who had dreams of becoming a star and a hero.She took singing lessons and keybored lessons.She had 2 hit singles when she was 13.One day her mother Amaya bought her new shoes because of her hits.The shoes had crystal dimands inplanted in them.She wet out side trying them out and she started to run fater then the speed of sound!The diamands glowed becouse it was touching her body.By when she was 15 she had saved over 100,000 lives! She had become a hero and a hit singer just like she planed when she was 10.

As she is 18 now she wanted to get a job as a Archaeologists.She got the job because she wanted to study past life and see how thing where befor she was born.As she gets used to her job she finds 3 light blue dimonds thats match her outfit and is the same light blue! She picked them and 1 went to her belt and the 2 others went to her gloves.Now she has relized she has physic powers!!!

Archaeologists-study artifacts of the near and distant past to develop a picture of how people lived in earlier cultures and societies. 00:43, December 2, 2010 (UTC)==

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