DISASTAAAH by Crazy Daydreamer
Name Disaster
Nickname D
Full name Disaster The Hedgehog
Japanese name 災害ヘッジホッグ (Saigai hejjihoggu)
Species Hedgehog
Age 19
Likes being alone, listening to music, His family,sitting in threes and so and so
Status Single
Powers He was born with all powers but he ain't no mary sue he is quite week and has alot of weekness
Voice actor NONE
Voice range whatever Disaster has a calm, medium voice not too low but quite dark xD
Dislikes yelling,fighting
Character Calm,smart, nice sometimes mean but he means no harm
Creator shadoouge on deviantART
Parents Dante The Hedgehog and Diana The Hedgehog
Other Family Solana The Hedgehog (sister) , Blade The Hedgehog (brother) , Kyle the Hedgehog (brother)

Disaster Never had a backstory and he probably never will. Since Shadoo thinks backstories are silly xD

Funny thing about Disaster That he`s even weaker in his super from ha ha...

More Disaster pics here

and here

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