Name: Drago the Hedgehog

Full Name: Drago (Derek, Smith, Neil) the Hedgehog

Age: 18

Family: Gold (GF), Alex (Son), Jaden (Brother), Alexis (Sister-in law) and Shade (Distant Relative).

History: Born as an orphan on the streets of Edinburgh, Drago was adopted by his half-aunt, Clemence the Fox. For the next 16 years of his life he hunted his parents killer, onlyto discover that Clemence had killed his parents to inherit the fortune. After this ordeal Drago moved to America where in Seattle he discovered Jaden his brother working as a waiter. Then he adopted 6 year old Alex. 2 weeks later he fell in a romance with a maid in the resteraunt he owned who was killed in a hit & run the same day

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