Basic info

Name: Dusk

Species: Ultimate Life Form/Hedgehog

Background Story

After Shadow was a success, Gerald wanted to make more Ultimate Life Forms, since Shadow always acted so lonely, even with Maria around. He made Dusk and a couple others. Dusk enjoyed causing trouble on the ARK- little things, and most of the people who knew her thought it was endearing. When ARK was attacked 50 years ago, she was put into stasis but left aboard the space-station. When SA2 happened, the chaos emeralds power that flowed through the ship allowed her to awaken. She didn't stick around very long after that, because she wanted to see Earth. Now, she wanders freely, causing mischief and learning about Earth.


She can activate chaos control safely. She's great at scheming.


She's mischievous and a bit troublesome. She's smart but she loves acting dumb. She's curious and loves exploring. She is a bit quiet but pleasant company.

Interactions with other characters

She was good friends with Maria, but Shadow thought she was irritating. If she were to know all the characters of the Sonic Series (which she doesn't really know anyone), she would probably get along with Amy and Team Chaotix.

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