"I can be anyone that  can you think, and I can make an eclipse too"

Eclipse's Story:

Currently known as Moon, Lust, Nightwind, Galaxy's father Starlight's husband, he had his own moments, mostly strange and funny. All his friends believed he was the funniest of the universe, no one could be funnier than him in his invented challenges. Since he discovered that he had a kind of telekinesis mixed with the 4 elements, could never control it, until he reached his 20normal years and plays without any problem whatsoever, Eclipse never had family, no one knows where he comes and nobody knows why he's around the universe

Eclipse's Bio

Full Name: King Eclipse the Dark Hedgehog

Nicknames: King Eclipse (on his universe)

Dark Father (by his deep enemies)

Age: 30 (normal) 150M (space)

Likes: Take care of his kids, look how Moon train, love his wife

Dislikes: Be with someone that's funniest than him and light

Powers: Earthquake, Flamethrower, Acid Rain, Strong Wind and Eclipse Control

Family: Starlight (Wife), Moonlight (Son), Lust (Daughter), Nightwind (Son) and Galaxy (Daughter)

Song: N/A

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