about he:

name: Enri the Hedgehog age: unknown height: 97cm weight: 27 kg Color: purple eye color: green likes: the color red, shadow dislikes: spiders, insects and slimy stuff


she´s really sweet and kind, and always helps out. she does not like too fight but wen the time comes she is prepared

abilities : SHE KNOWS EVERY THING YES EVERY THING ABOUT wounds disease ect. and makes a great doctor/nurse.

stats: (lowest 1 highest 10) agility: 7 speed: 4 strength: 3 defense: 5 evasiveness: 9 dexterity: 7 intelligence: 10 skill: 7 she is not the fastest thing around but can easy outrun tails or Amy.

she´s weaker than Knuckles and Pepper but stronger than Hana.


She was created by doctor ivo robotnic shortly after shadow was created too take care of maria (if you think logically it makes sense that she does not want too bee taken care off by two guys right?) Anyways she becomes really close with shadow and falls in love with him. the rest of the story you may know with the G.U.N. bla bla bla.

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