Eris the Dragon is a creature from another planet and the last representative of her species.


One night, the family of a farmer woke noise coming from the forest. There they found a strange vehicle with a
strange creature trapped in a block of ice. Initially was being aggressive. She attacked everything that moved, everywhere introduced disorder (her name comes from the Greek goddess of discord). Farmer taught her to speak, read, count and write. After a while it turned out that Eris is beyond the knowledge of normal beings. Also proved to be extremely long-lived. When all family died, Eris decided to go and look for other creatures of her kind.One day, she met a hedgehog- Shadow. Unfortunately, this meeting proved be a trap set by GUN. The girl was deprived of consciousness and taken to the study center. Initially, tortured her to get information, but through the intervention of Caroline FlameMoon, Eris was incorporated into the ranks of GUN.

Appearance and Clothes

Eris has darkblue, iridescent scales, gray, twisted horns, two-colored eyes (purple and blue) and a long tail with a sharp spike at the end (She can hide it in the folds of skin on the tail). On her back is a row of black spikes. She has a gray muzzle and blue underbelly. Eris is slim and dextrous.

Eris wears tight shirts tight fitting her torso, pants cargo pants with wide legs, boots or leather, military boots. Sometimes She puts a leather motorcycle jacket. Eris has paranoid tendencies, and carries with her every possible weapon. In the vagina on the thigh she has Beretta 92F, under the blouse two Kunai daggers, and for a belt of his trousers wears a revolver S&W Model 29 Magnum.

Powers and Skills

Eris has control over the Nocturnal Energy and antimatter. She can throw the silver bullets of energy, which in contact with some object explode. Her favorite attack is the Burning Cry, or the ability to spit fire over long distances. Unfortunately, when Eris consumes huge amounts of energy, so you can use the Burning crying once in a while. Eris can create what is called the Dome of Darkness, in which she can imprison whomever she wants. Eris knows how to sing beautifully and play the drums. Her room at the headquarters of GUN is full of notes and musical artwork. Eris is a great acrobat and fighter. She loves to direct confrontation. She knows a variety of techniques boxing and learned to perfection Kick-Boxing.

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