Evel The Cat Bio Info and Articals.
  • Name: Evel (ナヨナフ) The Cat
  • Nick Names: Cutie Cat, Goldy locks, Spice, and Eevee!
  • Age: 18
  • Speicias: Cat
  • Gender: Female
  • Powers: She can change the world bye her magic touch.
  • Forms: Soul Colide, Touch, Fleetaway, Bossy Rose.
  • Team: Crypton
  • Side: Netural
  • Theme Songs: Nebula Miku Hastune, Only Girl (In The World) Rihanna, Dreams Of An Absolution Vocaloid remix, Every Time We Touch (Techno Vers.) Cascada
  • Voice Sample: Rihanna, Cascada, and Katy Pery.
  • Symbol: ♪
  • Fur Colour: Gold
  • Hair Colour: Gold
  • Eye Colour: Ruby
  • Family: Erin (Mom) Axel (Lil Bro) Adison (Her twin sis) Rip (Dad)
  • Friends: Blaze, Rouge, LexiTW, Kira, Caze, Mya, Meilani, Darkness, Hex/Flare, Shadow, Soinc, Knux, Espio, Sync, Lunar, Kristy, Eli (I think), Alesha, Charmy, Tails, Vector.
  • Status: Crush on Shadow...
  • Fav. Food: Fudge-pops
  • Fav. Colour: Gold

" I'll be there waiting in your hearts core" -Evel The Cat BIO IS DONEZ!!!!!!


Shadel (Aka ShadowXEvel) Info

Shadow has been nervous to declare his feelings to Evel. Evel was to but Evel dosent like to admit that she likes she dosent like to make a move on him or anything because she gets nervous that Shadow dosent like her. Same for Shadow... So they arent a real couple Just Friends in another live...


Backround Story

When Evel was born she and her family were sent to Space Colony Ark because there planet was being destroyed. But while they were up there Evel was forced to take a test with her powers so they put her in a giant tank (For Artificial Liife Forms) and tested her powers they soon found out that she can do anything at all at anytime! So they kept her in the tank while the rest of her family was sent to Sonic's Planet. But then when somebody like Dr. Robotnick acidently set a time bomb everybody escaped except for Shadow and Evel. When Shadow saw her eyes beming at his he broke down the tank and let her escape. Soon when the bomb didnt go off Shadow and Evel didnt make it out but they remained alive because like I said the bomb didnt go off...soon Evel yelled the shit out of her to Dr. Robotnick he said FINE FINE! You can leave k! But when she heard those words she and Shadow felt a slight heartbrake so Evel kissed him on the cheak and whispered I'll be back. So she went to Sonic's planet and got lost but found her famiy. Then every night she wondered and cried were is he... looking at the midnight skies.


Power Info

Evel Power "Touch" is the same power in Hastune Miku's video Nebula.


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