Fist of the Dragon (Alternative name, the Dragon Fist) is a martial arts style used by several characters created by

Means of fighting

The Fist of the Dragon is similar to the Fist of the North Star, only less lethal (with proper restraint). While there are simliar moves used by many characters, creation of custom moves is allowed. It takes a normal person a good 20 years to become a master, but Dragon Keepers and certain people, are able to master it in 2-8 years. Unlike a normal martial art, the Fist of the Dragon has three forms.

These are:

  • Standard (The regular form of the martial art)
  • Samurai (Swordsmanship)
  • Ninjutsu (Stealthier version of both)

Known users

Dragon Keepers

Non-Dragon Keepers


  • The original name for Fist of the Dragon was Hong-Shi.
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