Fleetway Super Jonathan

Fleetway Super Jonathan Is Jonathan's Psychaotic Super Form Demon Entity

Basic Information

Name: Fleetway Super Jonathan

Gender: Male

Species: Hedgehog

Side: Evil


He Is Angry When Angry He Can Kill Everyone

Powers And Abilities

He Has The Same Powers As Super Jonathan But They're Amped Up Chaos Energy He Can Kill Everyone In A Second


1st Transformation-Jonathan Saw A Dead Body Jonathan Couldn't Contain His Anger He Went Super And Killed Those Who Killed His Family

2nd Transformation-Jonathan Gets Into A Fight With Shadow And Goes Super Brutually Killing Shadow And Sonic His Friends He Knew

3rd Transformation- Jonathan Confronts Dr. Eggman Who Held Sugar Hostage Sugar Proceeds To Go Fleetway Super Sugar And Knocks Eggman Down Leaving Jonathan To Finish Him Off Jonathan Goes Super And Finishes Eggman Off

4th Transformation-After Disaster Destroyed His House Jonathan Had Enough He Goes Super And Kills Disaster Only To Be Restrained By Sugar Who Said This Isn't Like Jonathan He Proceeded To Kill Everyone In His Way Which Led To His Death Jonathan Killed Him By Fire

5th Transformation-After Shadow Is Seeing Sugar Jonathan Had Enough And Goes Super And Accidentally Kills Shadow By Accident Sugar Cried Saying How Could You Jonathan Knew He Couldn't Handle Him So He Split Himself From Him He Killed More People And Ultimately Got The Punishment Handed To Him Which Was Death In The Form Of Super Jonathan He Smashed Him Violently Until He Was Dead


He Is Immortal He Cannot Be Killed It Will Take A Bunch Of Things To Kill Him


He Is Covered In Flames And Is Uncontrollable He Killed Everyone With Fire

Super Jonathan Vs. Fleetway Super Jonathan

Jonathan Now Back In His State Of Mind Goes Super And Faced His Demon Super Form Counterpart


He Is Often Called Evil Super Jonathan Or Fleetway Depending How He Came About

Killing Purity

He Had Enough Of Purity's Getting The Chaos Emeralds So He Killed Her Unfortunately For Him He Would Later Be Killed By Jonathan By Being Thrown Off The ARK

Theme Songs

Fleetway Super Jonathan Vs. Super Jonathan-Beastie Boys

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