Fleetway super sonic flat by Magnum13

Fleetway Super Sonic Is Jonathan's Super Form When Stressed Or Frightened

Basic Information

Name: Fleetway Super Sonic (Jonathan Washington)

Age: 19 (Same As Jonathan)

Height: 5"9

Weight: 165

Likes: Destroying Stuff

Dislikes: Being Stopped By Others

Race: Hedgehog

Sexuality: Straight

Nickname: Fleetway

Marital Status: (Married To Fleetway Amy And Has One Daughter Darkspine Amy Jr)

Occupation: God Of Chaos And Destruction

Residence: Oak Village

Alignment: Evil

Date Of Birth: 1st Feb 1993

Birthplace: Planet Mobius

IQ: 300

Team: Team Fleetway Fleetway Super Sonic, Fleetway Super Amy, Darkspine Amy Jr

Background Story

Fleetway Super Sonic Originated After Jonathan Transformed Into Fleetway For The First Time It's Been Speculated If He Was Intending To Kill Everybody Which Is The Case Fleetway Will Not Tolerate Mocking Him Or His Family Or They Get Killed Jonathan Then Super Jonathan Has Fought Metal Overlord And Won So He Decided To Fly Back To Oak Village Where Michelle The Wolf And Nichelle The Wolf Were Waiting To Congrate Him On His Victory Jonathan Acknowledged Them By Shaking Their Hands And Bowing His Head In Graditude And Appreciation For Their Support His First Transformation Came After Kanika Bullied Michelle Which Pissed Jonathan Off To The Point That He Transformed Into Fleetway Super Sonic And Brutually Beat Kanika Down And That Was How Fleetway Super Sonic Was Born


Fleetway Super Sonic Has Tons Of Abilities Which He Considers Powerful

Eye Laser-Fleetway Super Sonic Can Shoot Lasers From His Eyes Which Is Very Rare For Him

Electron Bomb-Fleetway Super Sonic Can Curl Up Into An Ball And Blow Everything Up In His Path

Eye Beam Blast-Fleetway Super Sonic Can Also Fire Beams From His Eyes Which Is Very Uncommon For A Super Character

Speed-Fleetway Super Sonic Is Faster Than Normal Which Makes Him Very Fast On His Feet And Can Be An Tough Being To Take Down


Fleetway Super Sonic-Fleetway Super Sonic's Original Form

Iblis-Fleetway Super Sonic Is Completely Covered In Fire And Is Invincible In This Form Problem Is He Is Bound To Get Attacked By Shadow


He Is Hot Tempered One Thing Can Set Fleetway Off Is By Calling Him A "Freak" Which Ticks Him Off Badly He Has No Remorse For His Actions And Regards The Safety Of Others Calling For An Protective Shield Which Ultimately Was His Doom Being Jonathan Put An Thrashing On Him

Team Fleetway

He Is The Speed Member Of The Team While Fleetway Super Amy Rose Is The Power Member Of The Team And Darkspine Amy Rose Jr. Is The Flight Member Of The Team

Fleetway Vs. Berserk Michelle

When Jonathan Returned Back To Normal Michelle Gasped In Shock And Anger Which Caused Her To Transform Into Berserk Michelle And He Transforms Back Into Fleetway Super Sonic An Tight Battle Fleetway Super Sonic Knocked Out Berserk Michelle Very Badly Which Caused Her To Attack Him Little Did Berserk Michelle Know That Fleetway Can Attack Her Directly She Falls To The Ground After That Fight Jonathan Reverts Back To His Normal State And Ponders This Question "Is Fleetway Hard For Me To Control?" He Is Very Hard To Control


He Was Brought Back To Life By Fleetway Super Amy Who Informs Him That They Still Have An Goal To Accomplish Which Is Take Over Mobius He Agreed They Fly Off Together To Conquer Mobius

Fleetway Super Sonic Vs. Jonathan

A Fight Broke Out During The Invasion Of Mobius Jonathan Easily Handles Fleetway Super Sonic With No Problems At All Killing Him But Fleetway Super Amy And Darkspine Amy Rose Jr. Are A Different Story


Fleetway Was Sonic's Super Form But After Sonic Grew Tired Of It Seperated From Him So He Used Jonathan As His Host But Was Killed By Jonathan Fleetway Super Amy However Instantly Recognizes The Brown Skin That Made Her Realize That Jonathan Is Brown

Theme Songs

Sonic Boom By Crush 40/Cash Cash Transformation Music Fleetway Super Sonic Boom-Method Man/Redman Jonathan's Fleetway Theme Intro

Fleetway Super Sonic Vs. Celeste The Hedgehog

Clearly Fleetway Had The Advantage At This Point And Brutally Beat Celeste To An Pulp But Jonathan Dealt The Final Blow Called "The Sonic Boom" Which Killed Fleetway For Good Jonathan Is The Only Person To Do The Sonic Boom

Jonathan And Undertaker Vs. Fleetway Super Amy

Undertaker Was Involved In The Match With Jonathan As His Partner Undertaker Gets Owned Not Once But Twice

Appearance In Ancient Ways Ancient Evils

In Chapter 1: An Heroine's Darkness/Jonathan's Fleetway-Stress Induced Transformation Jonathan Is Shown Transforming Into Fleetway Super Sonic For His Fight Against Akuma The Hedgehog Which Clearly Shows Jonathan's Jagged Fangs Jonathan Is Deranged In This State

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