"I'm Galaxy, nice to meet you"


Full Name: Galaxy the Dark Hedgehog

Nickname: Little cutie (by Moon)

Age: 13

Born: December 3rd

Gender: Female

Type: Not aviable, just dark

Height: 3'9

Weight: 95

Boyfriend: N/A

Friends: Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Vannila the Rabbit, Sally Acorn, Bunnie Rabbot, Aleena the Hedgehog, Sonia the Hedgehog and Tikal the Echinda

Enemies: Eggman and Yxalag (Anti Galaxy)

Deep Fear: Sonic.exe (I AM GOD picture)

Supports: Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles Tails Prower

Unsupports: Light

Powers: N/A

Family: Starlight (Mother), Eclipse (Father), Moonlight (Brother) Lust (Sister), and Nightwind (Brother)

Song: N/A


Galaxy was born on Saturn, on Starlight, Eclipse and Lust return to the moon. Lust was hearing Starlight screaming, she was thinking "Mom's on trouble, but I can't let dad go with me... I'll go by myself" then Starlight was needing Lust or Eclipse to be with her while she was giving birth to them new child, Lust was the first on came, so on Starlight's belly a head was coming out, and then Galaxy was born, Lust felt like a mother having her baby, but it was her new sister


  • Galaxy like to act like Amy, but she isn't 100% the same like Amy
  • Lust was the first member on extract Galaxy on Starlight's belly
  • Galaxy's the only member that don't have male friends
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