Gao is a hedgehog who was found in an Egg-Shaped Basket in th emiddle of no where. He was Discovered By Sonic the Hedgehog ( Age: 15 at the time ) Who had been running around randomaly when he found the baby Hog. Inside the Basket were 4 Gems and Red Boxing Gloves. Sonic Took in the Tyke and raised him as his son. He Allowed him to train with Knux for Punching and Combat Strength, Learn to be Socialy Active with Cream and Amy, Speed Training with Sonic him self, and Chaos Powers with Shadow. < Fast Forward to the year 2012 > It had been 6 years sence Gao was Adoped By Sonic who married Blaze the Cat and met his step sister Isis the Cat. He is now 6 years old and is ready to Join His Father and Friends on Thier Adventures.

Other Info

Gao's Character was based on Gaomon (Digimon Savers) and Riolu ( Pokemon Series ). His Base Moves include and may be refferences:

  1. Double Back-Hand
  2. Chaos Aura
  3. Tornado Assult

His Chaos Powers are:

  1. Chaos Controll
  2. Chaos Coounter
  3. Chaos Aura
  4. Chaos Boost
  5. Chaos Snap
  6. Chaos Combo

He Currently has No Pictures As Of yet But feel Free to Make Some as U Please. ^^

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