Goro Minae

Goro is a cat character created by mARTz-9o

Goro, in his usual cocky attitude


Created in 1995, Goro is the first of four main characters generally used by mARTz-9o in several comical skits. His look changed many times, but the current (and definitive one) is just a simplified and improved version of the original look. He disappeared for  almost 10 years, to appear again when mARTz-9o joined deviantART.

Goro is very lazy and it's difficult to make him do something. He's very greedy and loves to eat/drink everything he can. His attitude is generally stubborn, cocky and impulsive and that makes him often make a fool of himself. He loves to joke and tease (good-naturedly) his sister Kitaand his two friends Ginny Taylor and Fannie Doyle. He has a single, big weak point: GIRLS. He's totally unable to understand when a girl is flirting with him. Both Fannie and Ginny  vie against each other to (try to) get Goro's attention and Goro seems to not understand initially.

Relationship with other characters

  • Kita Minae: She's Goro's sister and Goro is very fond of her. Despite she teases her often, he's always by her side. Sometimes they have little silly argues, like every existing couple of siblings.
  • Fannie Doyle: Fannie is the most mature of the four (Both physically and mentally). Goro is clearly attracted by her body, but being very clumsy he never finds the right way to match Fannie's flirts.
  • Ginny Taylor: If Fannie is the most mature, Ginny is surely the most carefree of the four. Very greedy, like Goro. To get his attention she often prepares sweets or other sweets with which "feed" Goro. Goro apreciates this a lot (being greedy as hell) but...once again he doesn't really know how to reward her.


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