Basic Information

Name: Harmony Sapphire Mouse

Harmony The Mouse

Species: Mouse

Gender: Female

Height: 66cm ("1'20)Weight: 35kg (65 lb.)

Fur: Sky blue (blonde hair)

Skin: White belly

Eyes: Golden

Occupation: Warrior

Age; 15

Birthplace: Where the crystals where born

Team: Team Princess

Nicknames: Princess of Crystals by Tikal Shiny Rat Eggman

Background Story

Harmony was born within the crystals. Her mother Diamond, discovered Harmony abilities with the crystals and trained her. When Harmony turned five, she was immdeitley allowed to join the Crystlin Clan the most famous clan in the world. Harmony followed every mission she was assigned which wasn't big at the time. When she wasn't busy, she practiced magic and using her power of crystals to build things. Her father died of an tragic accident while on an mission. The members of the Crystlin Clan didn't know how he died. Harmony was heartbroken she cried by the fireplace every night holding her stuffed bear.

When she was 15, The members of the Crystlin Clan were playing around when the sky turned red, there was Eggman and his robots. Eggman sent his robots to take over the Clan. Many of the members died. Sonic The Hedgehog came and sent Eggman and his robots flying. He found Harmony crying in a crystal cave. She was mean to him at first but when Sonic told her everything would be alright she started listening and as he lend his hand out to her she felled in love with him. He took her to a beautiful place and handed her a rose to remember her people by. Harmony accepted it and smiled shyly at Sonic.

As Harmony was walking, she met Angela The Hedgehog and Caramel the Rabbit picking berries. Harmony was amazed how the three of them could do magic powers and all three of them had magic necklaces resembling them as the "Seven Light Children" they decided to become a team.

Harmony hated Eggman since he killed everyone in her clan even her mother! She wanted revenge on him and she wanted to do it all by herself.

Skills And Abilities

Crystal Slide

Harmony can send crystals of ice at her opponents making her great at long range

Water Bloom

Harmony can create water flowers out of water and cystals with her magic

Crystal Magic

Harmony can do crystal magic which is her own specialty. She can do all types of tricks with it
Harmony The Mouse
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