"I Jacqui the hupe, naa I'm not, I'm Jacqui, Jacqui the Hedgehog"

- Jacqui winning a fight

Background Story

Jacqui was found by Sophz and Knuckles when she was 2 years old on the street. She was taken into their family and has been there ever since. When she was 8 years old she found new friends and played and hanged out with them. She has a birthmark on her right leg the same as Sophz, it is a green stripe. At 10 years old she had meet the whole Sonic Gang and joined the team 'Team Chaos'


Jacqui is a kind person in heart. She is rarlly mad. She loves to be outside and hang out with her mum, dad and sisters. She loves to play games as 'Hupe' and many more. So dose do babysitting for Sonic's family once every 2 weeks. She has a spot for little kids and knows how to treat them. She is amazing in writing and maths, she loves to write stories and hang out with everyone. She is well known for being a 'Friendly Soul'

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