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Jennifer "Jen" The Hedgehog Commonly Referred As Jen The Hedgehog Is The Leader Of The New Robotropolis Freedom Fighters Which Members Included Monica The Hedgehog, Alyssa The Hedgehog, Veronica The Hedgehog, Maggie The Hedgehog, Laina The Hedgehog, Laura The Hedgehog, Lauren The Hedgehog, Danica The Hedgehog, Celeste The Hedgehog, Tanya The Hedgehog, Yvonne The Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Emily The Hedgehog And Shade The Hedgehog Secondary Member Ashley The Hedgehog (Jen's Look-A-Like And Sister) Is An Replacement Member She Wears An Dark Blue T-Shirt Which Shows Her Dark Brown Stomach And Big Boobs Black/White Pants And Black Sandals They Also Gained An New Member In Gina The Hedgehog (Female Zeno)

Pursuing Dr. Robotnik

Jen And The New Robotropolis Freedom Fighters Were In Pursuit Of Dr. Robotnik Until Amy Rose Was Captured By Robotnik And Turned Evil Which Jen Turns To Her Sister Ashley The Hedgehog Who Was Standing Right There Smiling Saying "I'll Join" And So The Pursuit Of Dr. Robotnik Continued As They Adventured Into Mysterious Places Until Finally Reaching Dr. Robotnik's Worldwide Headquarters Jen Sensing That Robotnik Might Try To Destroy Them They Encountered An Female Version Of Zeno The Hedgehog Named Gina The Hedgehog Who Had Zeno's Appearance But She Wore An Tanktop Which Shows Her Stomach And Big Boobs Dark Grey Pants, Dark Grey Dehim Jacket, Red Socks And Jet Skates Her Hair And Quills Were Longer Gina Smiled And Hugged Jen Who Didn't Know There Was An Female Zeno Gina Says "She's Ready To Be At The New Robotropolis Freedom Fighter's Service" Jen Then Welcomes Gina Onto The Team Gina The Hedgehog Then Proceeded To Enter The Password Which Led Into Dr. Robotnik's Base They Enter The Base Where They Encounter Amy In A Demonic State Gina The Hedgehog Learns That Her Anger Has Gotten The Best Of Her Which She Killed Many People Who Opposed Robotnik So Gina Stabs Amy In The Chest Which Kills Her Ending The Demonic Possession She Immediately Went After Robotnik And Beats Him

Defending Freedom HQ From The Suppression Squad

They Were Called Upon By The Freedom Fighters To Keep An Eye On Freedom HQ They Stood Guard When The Suppression Squad Tried To Get In They Were Overpowered Outmatched Outnumbered And Manhandled By The New Robotropolis Freedom Fighters

All Out Battle In Dark Mobius

They Arrived In Mobius Where There Was Prelates Everywhere Luckily Gina The Hedgehog Is On The Team And Is The Co-Leader And They Fought In A Hard-Fought Battle In Which It Saw The Prelates's Bodies Flying Everywhere Gina Was Leading The Group In Which They Emerge Victorious

Movie Appearances

Jen The Hedgehog (Movie)

Jen The Hedgehog: Introducing Gina The Hedgehog (Movie)

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