Jonadic The Hedgehog
Jonadic The Hedgehog Is The Fusion Of Jonathan And Shadic The Hedgehog


Name: Jonadic The Hedgehog

Nickname: Jonad Or Jonadic

Race: Hedgehog

Age: Jonathan Is 19 Shadic Is 14

Residence: Mobius

Alignment: Good

Likes: Basketball, Video Games

Dislikes: Water


He Is The Fusion Of Both Jonathan And Shadic The Hedgehog He Has Jonathan's Well-Meaning Personality And Shadic's Willing To Work With Others Personality He Is The Ultimate Lifeform Created By Gerald Robotnik By Using The Copied DNA Data From Both Jonathan And Shadic

He Has Abilities That Celeste Does Not Such As Jonadic Boost, Jonadic Rapid Punch, Kick And Super Speed He Also Has Some Unique Abilities That Makes Him Different From Celeste He Like Jonathan And Shadic Is Not Afraid Of Anything That Intimidates Him


Chaos Energy

Jonadic In Some Aspects Masters The Art Of Chaos Energy He Harnesses This Power By Wielding Himself In Chaos Energy


Jonadic Has Mastered The Art Of Invincibility He Turns Himself Invincible And Catches The Unsuspecting Enemies Off Guard And Beats Them Down

Chaos Thunder

Jonadic's New Ability Which Probably Has Been Used Once He Conducts Chaos Energy And Thunder Mix Together Make Chaos Thunder Which Can Electrocute And Put A Person Out Cold For A While

Chaos Blast Of Death

Jonadic's Newer Ability Which Can Kill People This Had Killed Celeste 2 Times It's Powerful Than His Normal Chaos Blast Which Has Little Effect

Chaos Blast

Jonadic's Standard Ability Which Has Little To No Effect On People


Super Jonadic

Jonadic's Super Form Achieved By The Use Of 7 Chaos Emeralds He Is Invincible In This Form Has Super Speed But Can Be Killed By Something

Hyper Jonadic

Jonadic's Hyper Form Which Is Powerful Is Completely Invincible Can't Be Harmed By Anything He Fought Super Celeste In This Form And Knocked Her Out Cold

Fleetway Super Jonadic

A Demonic Version Of Super Jonadic Who Kills Everyone In His Path

Robot Forms

Metal Jonadic

A Metal Version Of Jonadic Which Is Not As Good As Jonadic Himself

Metal Jonadic 3.0

A Newer Version Of Metal Jonadic Has Jonadic's Abilities But Is Easier For Anyone To Destroy


Jonadic Doesn't Brag About Himself Unlike Someone He Knows (Celeste The Hedgehog) He Is Proud Of His Accomplishments And Takes Pride In Improving Himself


Celeste The Hedgehog

Jonadic Blames Celeste For Jonathan's Transformation Into Fleetway Super Sonic And Is Looking To Get Rid Of Her Once And For All

Sonic The Hedgehog

Jonadic Is Good Friends With Sonic Even Though Shadic Is Sonic And Shadow Fused

Shadow The Hedgehog

Shadow Is Looking To Destroy Jonadic Once And For All Rouge Holds Him Back But Jonadic Kills Him Instantly Seeing He Is A Fool To Test His Skills

Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Jonadic Despises Robotnik Alot Not After What He Did To Jonathan Turning Him Into Fleetway Super Sonic Jonathan Wants To Get His Revenge On Robotnik

Amy Rose The Hedgehog

Jonadic Come Across Her She Brags About Jonathan Not Being A Hero Which Pissed Jonathan Off To The Point Of Defusing With Shadic And Kill Amy Shadic Convinces Jonathan Not To Do That He Will Face The Consequences Jonathan Gulped Signaling He's Afraid Of What Would Happen To Him Jonathan Apologizes For His Temper Amy Was Joking She Says Jonathan Is A Better Hero Than Sonic And Sonic Shouldn't Exist And Sonic's 21st Birthday And His Previous Birthdays Shouldn't Happen She Got Her Wish Sonic Was No Longer Real Jonathan Wonders If He'll Get A Anniversary Of Some Sort Soon Enough Jonadic The Hedgehog: 21 Years Of Jonadic Was Here And Posters Of Jonathan And Shadic Defused Standing By One Other And A Picture Of Jonathan Vs. The Death Egg Robot Is Seen On The Wall Jonathan Suddenly Realizes That He Is 21 Along With Shadic


Jonadic Likes Pizza, Burgers And Other Foods

Jonadic Cannot Swim

Jonadic Is Left Handed

Theme Song

Sonic Boom-Crush 40/Cash Cash Theme Of Jonadic

Sonic Boom Retro Jonadic Remix-Classic Jonadic's Main Theme

I Am All Of Me (Jonadic Remix)-Crush 40 Theme Of Jonadic

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