This Is Jonathan's Human Form


Name: Jonathan Washington

Age: 19

Height: 5"9

Weight: 150

Alignment: Good

Race: Human

Likes: Video Games

Dislikes: Water (For Some Reason Jonathan Cannot Swim)


He Was Born In Orange County California On February 1st, 1993 And Moved To Mobius At Age 19 To Start A New Life

Jonathan Is A Human In This Form Celestes Often Mistakes Him For Jonathan The Hedgehog Which Jonathan Doesn't Know Why

He Has Come A Long Way And Has New Friends


Though Not A Hedgehog He Possesses Jonathan The Hedgehog's Abilities And Has New Ones

Chaos Blast

Chaos Spear

Chaos Control

Jonathan Light Dash Attack (New)

Spin Kick (New)

Backflip Kick (New)

Super Speed


Celestes The Hedgehog

At First Celestes Didn't Recognize Jonathan Until She Finds Out He's In His Human Form She Immediately Begins Her Relationship With Which Is Ongoing

Shadow The Hedgehog

Shadow Wanted Celestes Out Of Existence Celestes Pleaded Jonathan Kills Shadow With Chaos Blast To Shut His Ass Up Celestes Jumped For Joy Cause Shadow Was Dead

Amy Rose The Hedgehog

Amy Is Obsessed With Jonathan For Odd Reasons Unknown

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