Jonathan The Hedgehog
Jonathan The Hedgehog Is Jonathan Washington's Hedgehog Form He Is A Sonic Character Based On Jonathan Himself

Basic Information

Name: Jonathan Washington The Hedgehog

Age: 19

Height: 5"9

Weight: 150 ILBS

Nicknames: The Ultimate Lifeform

Side: Good

Likes: Riding Jetpacks, Snowboarding In The Snow, Playing Video Games

Dislikes: Being Interrupted, Has No Patience, Hates Anyone Who Thinks They're Better Than Him But They Are Not

Powers And Abilities

Jonathan Has Combined Powers Of Sonic, Shadow, Silver And Himself Is A Well-Rounded Hedgehog

Super Speed (Sonic)

Chaos Blast (Shadow)

Chaos Spear (Shadow)

Chaos Control (Shadow)

Telekinesis (Silver)

Psychic Smash (Silver)

Levatation (Silver)

Jump Kick (Jonathan)

Flaming Kick (Jonathan)

High Flying Shadow Kick (Jonathan)

Super Forms

Super Jonathan- This Is Jonathan's Super Form He Is Yellow Like Super Sonic

Hyper Forms

Hyper Jonathan- He Is Blue/Red Is Very Powerful He Flashes Colors Repeatedly

Dark Forms

Dark Jonathan- Jonathan's Dark Form That Is Triggered When Jonathan Finds Somebody Dead And Gets Mad

Fleetway Forms

Fleetway Super Sonic-The Psychaotic Version Of Jonathan Whose Powers Are Amped Up By Chaos Energy He Is Deranged And Illusional He Likes To Kill Jonathan's Friends And Family He Is Seen As Jonathan's Other Half


Purity "Becky" The Hedgehog

Venus The Hedgehog

Sam The Hedgehog

Amy Rose

Sugar The Hedgehog


Bolt The Cat- In The Events Leading Up To The Fight Bolt Had Already Killed Jonathan's Parents Which In Retaliation Jonathan Kills Her For That


Flora The Hedgehog-Mother

Venus The Hedgehog-Sister

Purity The Hedgehog-Older Sister

Theme Songs

Live And Learn-Crush 40

Open Your Heart-Crush 40 (As Super Jonathan)

Sonic Boom-Crush 40/Cash Cash (Jonathan's Intro Theme)

Classic Forms

Jonathan Does Have A Classic Form Named Classic Jonathan Who In Short Terms Is 8 Years Old And Jonathan Is 19 Years Old As Shown In Jonathan Generations When 2 Jonathan's Take On 3 Eras Classic, Dreamcast And Modern Fighting Bosses From Their Past

Metal Forms

Metal Jonathan-Robot Version Of Jonathan The Hedgehog

Fusioned Forms

Jonadic- Jonathan And Shadic Fused Together

Hyper Jonadic-Jonadic's Powerful Form

Werehog Forms

Jonathan The Werehog-He Turns Werehog At Night Meaning Jonathan Is More Frightening In This Form

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