Jonathan The Hedgehog (New Look)

Jonathan The Hedgehog Is An Much Powerful Version Created By Dr. Gerald Robotnik His Signature Technique Is "Chaos Control" He Is Far More Powerful Than Shadow In All Aspects

"Dammit Where The Hell Is The Chaos Emeralds"

-Jonathan The Hedgehog

"This Is Bullshit And You God Damn Know It"

-Jonathan The Hedgehog

Jonathan The Hedgehog

Jonathan Ain't Sassy Doesn't Like To Show Off But Yet We Don't Know How He Got The Title Of "The Ultimate Lifeform" He Is Aligned As Good


  1. Name: Jonathan The Hedgehog
  2. Species: Hedgehog
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Age: 20
  5. Other Names: Jonathan, JJ, The Ultimate Lifeform The Chosen One (His Actual Nickname)
  6. Color: Black/Red
  7. Height: 5"11
  8. Weight: 160 Ibs
  9. Birthplace: Mystic Ruins (Same As Danica Wolf)
  10. Ability Type: Speed
  11. Mother& Father: Esther The Hedgehog (Biological) Roksana The Hedgehog (Real Mother)
  12. Weapon: Bazooka, AK-47, Sawed Off Shotgun (Danica Says His Weapon Of Choice Is Bazooka Which She Never Knew Jonathan Had One)
  13. Team Ultimate Jonathan-Speed Vera-Flight Esther The Hedgehog-Power Leader-Jonathan
  14. Team Badass Jonathan-Speed Rouge-Flight Roksana The Hedgehog-Power Leader-Jonathan
  15. Team Mystic Jonathan-Speed Rose The Rabbit-Flight Willow The Hedgehog-Power
  16. Transportation: An Submarine Car (Jonathan's Very First Vehicle Danica Wolf Says She First Rode In It), Motorcycle (As The American Badass Pun Of Undertaker's Gimmick In 2000)

Shadow The Hedgehog

He Is Different From Shadow Because Jonathan Can Use Mystic Control And Is More Powerful Than Him

Rouge The Bat

It's Pretty Obvious That Jonathan Hates Rouge With An Passion He Dislikes Her For No Reason At All

Blaze The Cat

He And Blaze Are Distant Friends

Sonic The Hedgehog

Jonathan Hates Sonic So Much At One Point He Turned Into Undertaker Who Then Proceeded To Grab Sonic's Neck And Chokeslammed Him To The Ground And Finished Him Off With His "Tombstone Piledriver" Which Left Danica Impressed With Jonathan Actually Is Faster Than Danica Thanks In Part To His Jet Skates Which Danica Was Shocked And Saddened Undertaker Is Actually Mark Calaway Mark As Undertaker Wore Black Sleeveless Shirt With Both Of His Arms Covered In Tattoos Purple Washing Gloves, Purple High Socks And Black Shoes His Casual Attire Is Basically The Same Black Suit, Purple Tie With Black Lines On It Black Cowboy Hat With Purple Line On It High Purple Socks Black Shoes And Purple Washing Gloves But Had 1994 Undertaker's Voice

Rosalina The Hedgehog

Best Friends Since Birth Rosalina And Jonathan Have Something In Common They Both Are Fast Both Have Submarine Cars And Motorcycles

Amy Rose

Amy Is In Love With Jonathan To Which Jonathan Never Knew Why

Danica Wolf

Jonathan And Danica Are Great Friends They Team Up A Lot For Exciting Missions And Battles They Both Reside In Mystic Ruins

Knuckles The Echidna

Knuckles Always Calls Jonathan "Undertaker" To Which Jonathan Says That's Mark Calaway

Tikal The Echidna

Tikal Was Largely Responsible For Jonathan's Existence

Esther The Fox

Esther Who Is An Huge Fan Of Undertaker Actually Saw Undertaker In Person Esther Couldn't Believe How Tall Undertaker Has Gotten Esther Sees Into Mark Calaway's Future Which Was Undertaker Fighting With The Good Guys "Undertaker Please Protect Us From This Evil" Undertaker Didn't Let Anyone Down As Taker Destroyed The Evil Undertaker Is Mark Calaway

Clarity The Fox

Clarity Much Like Esther Can Predict Jonathan's Future

Theme Songs

Jonathan's Theme # 1: Sonic Boom By Crush 40 And Cash Cash Which Was Also Used As Undertaker's Alternate Theme When Undertaker Did The "Sonic Boom Tombstone Piledriver" Which Causes His Opponent To Explode On Impact And Undertaker Cuts His Throat Meaning They're Dead

Sonic CD ''Sonic Boom Crush 40

Sonic CD ''Sonic Boom Crush 40

Jonathan's Theme # 2: Open Your Heart By Crush 40 (Super Jonathan And Sonic Theme) Jonathan First Transforms Into Super Jonathan The Hedgehog In 1998

Jonathan's Theme # 3: Live And Learn (Classic And Modern Remix)


"You Just Failed The Jonathan Exam"-After Beating Celeste The First Time

"Ha Even An Weakling Like You Is Easy To Beat"-Jonathan After Beating Celeste Again

"Time To Step It Up"-Jonathan (Super Saiyan Transformation)

"You Will Pay For Your Crimes"-Jonathan To Lord Nazo

"What The Hell Did My Gender Just Switched"-Yvonne The Hedgehog

"Somebody's Gonna Get Their Ass Kicked"-Jonathan

"I Win"-Jonathan After Defeating Lord Nazo

"Jonathan You've Got To Stop Her"-Tahra The Hedgehog Begging Jonathan To Stop Dark Tahra

"NO He Can't Do This He Can't Win"-Dark Tahra The Hedgehog

"You Just Lost The Game"-Jonathan After Beating Dark Tahra The Hedgehog

"Rest In Peace"-Undertaker

"You'll Know My Name Is The Lord Of Darkness"-Undertaker 97-98

"Rest In Peace"-Undertaker (Retro)

"Your Time Is Up"-Undertaker (Retro)

"You Wanna Get Your Ass Kicked Again"-Undertaker (Retro) To Celeste

"Okay Dumbass Did You Call Me Pathetic"-Undertaker

Danica's Appearances In Fanfics

The Fanfic The Legend Of Jonathan The Hedgehog/Undertaker Which Also Featured Clarity The Fox, Esther The Fox, Esther The Hedgehog, Rosalina The Hedgehog, Rose The Rabbit, Undertaker And Friends

Distant Family

Shade The Hedgehog-Mother

Alyssa The Hedgehog-Sister

Maggie The Hedgehog-Sister

Susanna The Hedgehog-Sister

Carla The Hedgehog-Sister

Danielle The Hedgehog-Sister

Amber The Hedgehog-Sister

Jessica The Hedgehog-Sister

Nicole The Hedgehog-Sister

Ashley The Hedgehog-Sister

Stephanie The Hedgehog-Sister

Naomi The Hedgehog-Naomi Is Very Hot, Sexy And Attractive Godmother To Jonathan She Also Appears In Fanfics As Team Shade's Member Naomi Is Cute, Kind, Helpful, Thoughtful, Caring And Considerate She Takes After Jonathan In Speed, Chaos Powers And Abilities And Super Form She Looks A Lot Like Shade In Appearance, Looks, Clothing She Is Jonathan's Godmother

Undertaker's Bio

Name: The Undertaker

Portrayed By: Mark Calaway

Birthday: March 24, 1965

Birthplace: Houston TX

Billed From: Death Valley

Height: 6"10

Weight: 328

Appears In: Sonic X (2003-04) As Big Evil Undertaker

WWF Debut: Survivor Series (1990)

Years Of Experience:24 Years

Nicknames: The Undertaker, Taker, Undertaker, The American Bad Ass, The Lord Of Darkness (1996-98), The Deadman, Deadman

Finishers: Tombstone Piledriver, Chokeslam, Last Ride

Signatures: Old School, Diving Clothesline, Suicide Dive

Attire: Purple/Black (Old School Undertaker)

Themes Used

1990-91: Funeral Dirge

1991-94: Funeral March

1994-96: Grim Reaper

1995-1998-1999: Graveyard Symphony

1999: Ministry

2000: American Bad Ass (V1)

2001: Rollin

2002: Dead Man

2003: You're Gonna Pay (Used In Sonic X Episode 52: The Return Of Undertaker Rollin Was Used In Episode 64: Undertaker Vs. The Metarex)

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