Jonathan The Hedgehog Ver 2
This Is Jonathan The Hedgehog's 2nd Appearance


Name: Jonathan The Hedgehog (Version 2)

Race: Hedgehog


Alignment: Good

Nicknames: The Ultimate Lifeform

Likes: Racing, Blasting Enemies With Chaos Blast, Video Games

Dislikes: Black Doom (Even Though He Has Maria's Blood), Dr. Eggman,Celestes The Hedgehog (He Would Prove That She Is Not The Ultimate Lifeform That Robotnik Claims She Is A Fake Jonathan Is The Ultimate Lifeform Because He Gave Gerald Robotnik Permission To Extract His DNA To Make Him The Ultimate Lifeform)


He Is Created By Jonathan's DNA And Has Common Sense He Likes To Be Seen Sleeping In His Bed But When Enerjak Returned He Was Called Into Action Jonathan And Shadow Team Up For Epic Battles

Fun Fact: He Is Shadow's Look-A-Like Looks And Everything He Is Shadow's Brother Which Does Sit Well With Shadow According To Shadow The Fanfic The Ultimate Lifeform Family Which Has All Girls And One Boy (Jonathan The Hedgehog) He Is Shadow's Brother As Shadow Refers To Him As Bro


Chaos Control

Jonathan Has The Ability To Do Chaos Control Just Like Shadow Can But When Shadow Gets His Powers Taken Away Rendering Him Weak Jonathan Now Has Shadow's Abilities

Chaos Spear

Jonathan Can Also Do Chaos Spear Just Like Shadow Can Is Quite Efficient At Doing So

Chaos Blast

Jonathan Shares This Move With Shadow He Can Turn Himself Red And Blast Everything Or Anyone In His Path

Speed Shoes

Jonathan Is More Faster Than Shadow Being That He Is The Fastest Than Both Sonic And Celestes He Is Very Fast And Is Hard To Take Down That Wasn't Until He Used The Turbo Speed Shoes He Goes Extremely Fast

Inhibitor Rings

Jonathan Wears These To Protect Himself From Harm

Turbo Speed Shoes

These Come In Handy Which Makes Jonathan Extremely Fast On His Skates And Probably The Fastest Thing Alive There's An Catch Jonathan Can't Control Them Which Means Jonathan Will Probably Run Into Either Shadow, Sonic, Amy, Celestes Or Michelle The Wolf Herself If Jonathan Runs Into Michelle They Both Tumble But Jonathan Often Uses These As Means Of Transportation

Chaos Thunder

He Is The Only One Who Has This Ability He Accidentally Struck Celeste With This One Injuring Her


Super Jonathan

This Form Is Achieved By Using 7 Chaos Emeralds In This Form Jonathan Is Invincible And Has Super Speed But Can Be Still Killed By Being Crushed By A Object Or Drowning

Light Jonathan

Basically The Very Powerful Form Of Jonathan's But It's Used By Jonathan (Human) More Than Once On Occassion

Ultimate Jonathan

An Much Much Powerful Form Of Jonathan The Hedgehog Which Is Triggered By The Ultimate Emeralds

Elemental Jonathan

Jonathan Gets All Elements Such As Lightning, Fire, Wind, Water And Electricity


Jonathan Is A Funny Person He Often Puts Himself In Bizarre Situations When Mobius Is In Danger He Gets Serious And Goes To Battle And Succeeds He's A Quiet And Unsuspecting Person You'll Never Know Where Jonathan Will Pop Up Next He Has Some Kind Of Teleportation Ability


Celestes The Hedgehog

Jonathan Considers Celestes To Be A Imposter Because He Is The Ultimate Lifeform When Celestes Was Finally Captured He Told Eggman That She's A Work In Progress Eggman Believed Him Citing That He Is The Ultimate Lifeform Not Her Her Temper Nearly Got Jonathan Killed And Her Arrested 13 Times Jonathan Had Enough And Threw Her Off The ARK Killing Her But She Manages To Stay Alive And Confesses That She Is Indeed Not The Ultimate Lifeform Celestes Points Out The Fact That Jonathan Is The Ultimate Lifeform They Made Amends That Is Until Celestes Turned Evil Again And Undertaker Gets Pissed

Sonic The Hedgehog

Jonathan Is Great Friends With Sonic They Are Good Runners

Shadow The Hedgehog

Jonathan Has Seen Shadow Shadow Didn't Know He Is Him

Gerald Robotnik

Jonathan Has Been In Contact With Gerald Robotnik For Years And Informed Him That Robotnik Has Created A Fake Ultimate Lifeform Gerald Suddenly Snatches The Papers For Project Celestes And Proved That He Made Her For Evil Intentions While Jonathan Is Created For Good Intentions Gerald Instructed Jonathan To Kill The Faker Jonathan Succeeds In Doing So Gerald Creates A New Celeste But As A Normal Hedgehog But That Didn't Work Out Too Well Dr. Eggman Has Snatched Back The Papers For Project Celeste But For Evil Intentions She Now Works For Eggman But Suddenly Out Of Nowhere Celeste's Cousin Melissa The Hedgehog Steps In To Assist Jonathan

Rouge The Bat

Jonathan Has A Friendly Rivalry With Rouge She Stole His Chaos Emeralds He Needed Them To Go Super And Fight Devil Doom Rouge Asks Jonathan Why Couldn't He Go Super Jonathan The Hedgehog 3 To Which Jonathan Says "Rouge That's It You Just Gave Me A Idea" Rouge Willingly Combined The Dragonballs And Chaos Emeralds Together

Amy Rose The Hedgehog

Jonathan Considers Amy As His Pride And Joy Amy Considers Jonathan The Same They Bond Very Well Together Since Their Encounter


Jonathan's New Look Is Partially Inspired By Shadow The Hedgehog

Jonathan And Shadow Look Similar In Appearance

Jonathan Is The Only Hedgehog Who Can Go Super Shadow And Sonic And Silver Lost Their Super Forms To Celestes Jonathan Retained His But Later On Jonathan Tired Celestes Out To The Point That She Gradually Lose

Amy Rose Is His Long-Lost Sister

Jonathan Hates Water (It's Pretty Obvious That Jonathan Hates Water)

Jonathan Cannot Swim (Due To The Fact That He Is Afraid Of Water)

Jonathan Also Has A Human Form As Well

Jonathan Is Left Handed Which Is Established At Birth Jonathan Bats Right Handed But Throws Left Handed And Writes With His Left Hand

Jonathan's Actual Mother Is In Fact Casey The Hedgehog She Gave Birth To Jonathan On February 1st, 1993 (Jonathan's Birthday)

Theme Songs

I Am All Of Me-Crush 40

All Hail Jonathan-Crush 40

Waking Up-Julien-K (Jonathan's Hero Theme)

Almost Dead-Julien-K (Jonathan's Dark Theme)

Sonic Boom (Fleetway Dark Mix)-Crush 40 (Jonathan's Fleetway Theme)

Sonic Boom-Crush 40 (Jonathan's Theme)

Bawitdaba-Kid Rock (Jonathan's Rap-Metal Hero Theme)

Team Dark

Jonathan Is The Speed Type Leader Of Team Dark Of The Newest Fanfic Him And Shadow/Rouge Have Finished It's Called Sonic Heroes 2: Rise Of Enerjak's Prelate Army Omega Is Replaced By Ironically His Rival Celestes The Hedgehog Celestes Patted Jonathan On The Back Saying She's Not His Rival Anymore She's His Friend Jonathan Finally Realizes This And Hugs Celestes The Hedgehog

The Chaos Emeralds

Jonathan Who Knew The Chaos Emeralds Were Nearby He Picked Them Up Only To Be Confronted By Laina Paramore Who Asked Where Was He Going With The Chaos Emeralds Jonathan Replied By Saying They Are His Source Of Power He Needs Them To Go Super Against Devil Doom Laina Paramore Understandably Understands What He Needs To Do They Appear In The Fanfic: Jonathan And Laina Paramore The Ultimate Defenders Of Temperal City She Appears As Jonathan's Sidekick


Michelle The Hedgehog

Becky The Hedgehog

Flinzy The Tiger

Michelle The Wolf

Hannah The Echidna


In The Event Of Eggman's Takeover Of Mobius As Seen In "The Takeover" An Fanfic Jonathan Formed DGX Which Consisted Of The Best Hedgehogs Around Such As Shadow, Sonic, Silver, S.P, Brian The FireHog, Hannah The Hedgehog, Butch The Hedgehog, Heiru The Hedgehog, Jorge The Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Lightning The Hedgehog, Adult Rosy The Rascal, Aqua The Hedgehog, Becky The Hedgehog, Venus The Hedgehog They Specialize In Providing Jonathan Back Up Mostly Adult Rosy The Rascal She Brings Special Abilities That Jonathan Finds Useful

X-Treme Fighters

Again This Is Another Of Jonathan's Newly Formed Groups Which Consisted Of Jonathan, Michelle The Wolf And Becky The Hedgehog

Dynamic Duo

This Duo Consists Of Jonathan And Adult Rosy The Rascal Marking Their First Appearance Together As An Duo Jonathan-Speed Adult Rosy The Rascal-Power They Oppose Eggman's Rule Over Mobius

Hedgehog Heroes

Jonathan Leads An Group Of Heroes Which Consisted Of Celeste The Hedgehog, Aqua The Hedgehog, Hannah The Hedgehog, Becky The Hedgehog, Venus The Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Adult Rosy The Rascal And Melissa The Hedgehog Their Main Goal To Stop Eggman And His Evil Deeds Their Newest Addition Was Sarah The Hedgehog (Melissa's And Jonathan's Younger Sister)

Hedgehog Alliance Team

This Team Consists Of Jonathan The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog, Shadow The Hedgehog, Silver The Hedgehog, Jordan The Hedgehog, Heiru The Hedgehog, Jorge The Hedgehog, Stacy The Hedgehog, Lightning The Hedgehog, Icezer The Hedgehog, Hannah The Hedgehog, Gabby The Hedgehog, Brandy The Hedgehog, Slifer The Hedgehog, Rika The Hedgehog, Maria The Hedgehog, Dani The Hedgehog, Dranic The Hedgehog, Jacob The Hedgehog, Aqua The Hedgehog, Butch The Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Rain The Hedgehog And Becky The Hedgehog

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