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Julieanna has a VERY hiden past behind her. and was named after her mother after Julieanna Elizabeth was born. She moved her Regeats behind it and turn herself to a Evil hedgehog after that day when she got older. She also planned to invade Earth. After that Sonic The Hedgehog made her find out what her past really was. Then became good and fight evil. Then Dr. Ivo Eggmen (Or Dr. Julian Robotnik) created the evil side of Julieanna, He name the evil Julieanna "Neptune Dark Robotnik" Because Neptune is Julieanna's clone she has Julieanna's traits and Julieanna's hybird form.

1o years later Julieanna killed herself to become an anghog. they are legends told in Julieanna's family, if you kill your self in the age of 16 you'll become a hybird and come back to earth and have the aecess to be connected in 2 worlds!

Right now she's dating Sonic The Hedgehog. and has 2 kids Cherry Aquasky and Kevin The Hedgehog


About Julieanna!

Real Name: Julianna Elizabeth


Status: Taken

Family: Simon Aquasky (twin brother) Sonic The Hedgehog (Boyfriend) Cherry Aquasky (Daughter) Kevin The Hedgehog (Son) Parents (Unknown)

Powers: Air,Fire,Earth, Random darkness


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