Karri the Cockatoo is a fan based character by


Name: Karri The Red-Tailed Cockatoo

Age: 23

Personality: A loud extrovert who's always looking for a good time with any good looking guys at the local watering holes.

Background Story

Karri is a member of a rebellious flock of Soarers (think Bikie Gang, but birds), who spends her time with the rest of her crew in pubs, being as loud and obnoxious as possible.

Constantly traveling with her flock, she tends to pick up a few guys along the way, only to leave them in the dust as soon as her flock is off in the skies again.

Flinzy, a member of Team Purity, noticed Karri at one of the many pubs Karri flocks to. Karri was busy downing shots at the bar, drinking some of the locals under the table.

Needing a replacement for herself in Team Purity, Flinzy approached Karri with an offer of taking her place for a while, for a decent sum of cash. Karri, as drunk as she was, decided that it all sounded like a sweet deal, not really understanding what was even required of her.

The next morning, feeling completely hung over, Karri finds herself hauling her ass all over the place, doing dirty work for a pale blue demon from Hell; a.k.a. Purity The Hedgehog.

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