Kechi Rosufara

Kechi is (c) DarkXeo

"The girl has no memory of her past, she lived a life as a human once."

Her name is Kechi Rosufara, a young 16/2 youth who lives a life that changed the path after a accident. She is very lucky to have been saved by mythical spirits that were a race long lived before she was born. These elementals called Shardians, guides that live in space and were once a lost civilization that made earth.

The response to her human side rejecting her as now a mobian was due to reincarnation from the Shardians that saved her life, but at a terrible cost she can no longer live a life as human anymore... She is amongst the Shardian Princess, a title given to her by a forced curse Flamuisa brought upon her bonded with the cores of her savior's known as the Fiend Shards. The red markings tell us she is a chosen Shardian server, called the Gintzua, there are two on her cheeks facing down and two on her breasts facing up. The understanding is that she is responsible for guarding the 8 elemental stones for its her duty as well in finding them... She resembles a bit like Amy as the alternate version from another dimension. Her trademark unlike Amy's is a Spear she gets from Uindo, the clothes were gifted from Mizu and the form as a hedgehog was thanks to them all. So basically she is a hero as well gifted with the power of Darkinesis and Fiend Control. The person responsible of Kechi ending up a Hedgehog was Kushian a.k.a Emperor Xeo who is the main antagonist of her journey, she is in Mobius the next thing when she awakes as to the tagging along with brother and friends. She soon meets Sonic and friends to find a way assist her in her many adventures seeking the fiend shards. And so a new hero rises to stop this evil madman Emperor Xeo from taking over the universe and making it Phobius, a mad and twisted world he is planning as its God seeking the power that links both worlds...

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