Keira 'Elizabeth Ann' the Hedgehog is a Sonic fan-character created by Keira Williams.

Keira the Hedgehog SA Style

Her deviantART can be found here.

Keira the Hedgehog © Keira Williams

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Additional Information

Full name: Keira 'Elizabeth Ann'

Age: 15

Sex: Female

D.O.B.: July 11th

(Anniversary date: January 7th)

Species: Hedgehog

Fur/Muzzle colour: Gray and white

Eye colour: Bright green

Height: 4'2" (1.27 meters)

Weight: 98 lbs. (44.4 kilograms)

Clothing/Attire: Dark forest green, small tank-top with a light green jacket to cover it; dark belt and blue jeans rolled up to lower knees; fingerless gloves; bracelets on left hand: one an assortment of green colours, one an assortment of blue colours; Hoverboarding goggles; golden heart necklace; black shoes with light green transparent straps that only glow when on Hoverboard.

Hairstyle: Long strands of hair/bangs that just barely cover each eye, the left one a little more than the right; "flicks" of short hair, sort of like a small "crown", each one upturned in the back.

Favourite colour: Green

Star sign: Cancer

Favourite hobby: Adventure, hanging out with friends, Hoverboard competitions/racing, finding new challenges to face

Alignment: Good

Abilities/Forms: Running speed: 20 mph (8.9 m/s); Super form (with all seven Chaos Emeralds, but this form isn't official |D); Werehog/Dark Gaia

Occupation: Adventurer; Hoverboard competitor/racer

Theme song: Prove It -- Divided by Friday

Background Story


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