Lala the Cat is a Fan Based Character made by

Basic info

  • Name: Lala Mula
    Lala The Cat by Shootingstarmari
  • Nick names: La, Lama
  • From: The future
  • Likes: fruit, machinery, fixing stuff, smiling, the sun, lightning,cookies, outdoors,music, drawing, stars,friends,chao
  • Dislikes: Gloomy stuff,something that's hard
  • Powers: Time travel, flight, lightning
  • Skin color: Orange, Brown, white
  • Favorite Colors: Light blue, purple,green,red
  • Age: 12
  • Eye Color: Hazel

Background story

Lala was born in the future, but got lost when her mom only told her to transport to a timestream to get a book. But then her watch malfunctioned and sent her to the past. She still keep's in touch with her mother. She chooses to stay in the past until her dream is full-filled. And her dream is to be a expet engineer.
She has no family whatsoever. She care's for chao, she treats them as family.


Very nice, mean at times. Doesn't give up at all, and is not really mature for her age.

Interactions with other characters

Lala's Mother

Though they are far away, Lala keeps in contact with her mother. They keep in touch through their watches.

Alta Bay

Lala's "sister" and friend.

Taiya the Cat

A team member on Alta Bay's team. Lala knows Taiya through Alta Bay.


  • When she controls her lightning, she get's a little serious.
  • She loves vanilla!
  • Her mother is single, so it's really kind of lonely at her house.
  • Her goggle's that she has, it's binoculars.
  • She's pretty social with people.
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