Name: Lime

Species: fox

Background Story: Lime is a friendly girl who longs for adventure. She left home one day and has been on her adventure ever since. She's from the country and now stays with a friend in the city. Abilities: She has no special 'abilities', however she carries supplies with her like smoke pellets, a gas mask, itching powder, and other odd objects she feels are important to have on an adventure. If MacGyver needs any random item to complete his paperclip-key-fork-airplane, he could count on her to have the random final piece.

Personality: Lime has big dreams (of what, she's not entirely sure). She loves fantasizing. She can be lazy at times if things aren't going well. She's stubborn when it comes to failure, she just refuses to do it. She loves jewelry and cute things.

Interactions with other characters: She thinks Tails is pretty amazing so she likes to have excuses to go see him by offering to help out at his house, bringing lunch, etc. Amy is a good friend of her's, they met in the shopping district and haven't stopped talking since.

Facts: She might have a crush on Tails, but she's not sure. She thinks the idea of a hero going somewhere to save a lady is very romantic but she'd rather be the hero.

Appearance: Lime is a mild purple color with slightly darker hair and dark green eyes. She wears an oversized shirt (bright green) and cargo pants (dark green) with matching bright green tennis shoes.

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