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Lixes The Hedgehog Is The Mother Of Jonathan The Hedgehog She Wore An Black Tanktop Which Showed Her Big Boobs And Yellow Stomach Black Leather Pants, Black Shoes And White Gloves Her Spikes And Quills Are Downward She Stands At 6"5 250 Pounds She Has Purple Eyes With Black Irises Lixes Is The Most Fun Sonic Character As Voted By The Fans She Thanked All Her Loyal Fans For Their Support

First Move

During Eggman's Assault On Mobius Lixes And Jonathan The Hedgehog Lived In An Small House In Mobius Until That Got Destroyed By Eggman So Lixes Decided To Move Her And Jonathan To Westside Island It Proved To Be Perfect For Them

The Addition Of Lixes Jr + 4

When Lixes The Hedgehog Jr Was Wondering Around Westside Island She Noticed Lixes's House Was Nearby So She Entered The House Much To Lixes's Surprise That Her Daughter Had Gotten Back From Her Mission She Brought 4 Female Friends With Her (Elizabeth The Hedgehog, Emily The Hedgehog, Stephanie The Hedgehog And Danica The Hedgehog) All Of Whom Looked Like Lixes Herself All Of Them Were Considered By Lixes To Be Her 5 Daughters Lixes Had 5 Daughters And 1 Son (Jonathan) The 5th One Was Lixes Jr They Formed The Hedgehog Freedom Fighters And Immediately Built Their Base On Westside Island To Some Degree Lixes Was The Leader And Jonathan Was Accidentally Turned Into Ashley The Hedgehog Who Had Lixes's Looks And Appearance And Clothing Now With An Group Of Female Hedgehogs Backing Her Up Lixes Proceeded To Lead The Team

Preventing The Suppression Squad From Occupying Freedom HQ

They Received An Urgent Call From Sally Acorn That The Suppression Squad Had Invaded Freedom HQ Lixes Was Confident That Her Group Can Drive Them Out Which They Successfully Did With Teamwork

Retrieving The Cores

On Westside Island In The Female Hedgehog Freedom Fighter's Base Stephanie Showed Lixes An Video Of Enerjak Stealing The Cores Of Fallen Mobians And Extracting Them To Make Prelates After Doing Some Research Lixes Was Shocked To Find Out That The Prelates Cannot Think For Themselves Which Astonished Lixes And So They Rushed Off To Confront Enerjak The Difference Here Is Lixes And Her Female Family's Cores Aren't Useable At All Which Enerjak Obviously Knew That During The Battle Lixes Found Her Baby Sister Rachael The Hedgehog Hiding Behind The Taxi Upgrading Herself Rachael Smiled And Hugged Lixes Who Smiled And Taken Her Onto The Team Together Lixes And Rachael Fought Against The Prelates Against Enerjak It Was 2 On 1 As They Completely Destroyed Enerjak

Restoring Angel Island

Once Again Dr. Robotnik Stole The Master Emerald Which Caused Angel Island To Fall Into The Water And So It Was Up To The Female Hedgehog Freedom Fighters To Get The Master Emerald Back So They Began Their Treachous Journey Which Brought Them To The Death Egg Zone And They Faced Off Against Robotnik In The Big Arm Machine They Defeated It And Restored Angel Island

Archie Comics

In 1993 Archie Had An Comic Series Devoted To Sega's New Official Mascots Lixes The Hedgehog And Her Family Entitled "Lixes The Hedgehog" Issues Covered Lixes And Her Family's Adventures

Appearances In Comics

Lixes The Hedgehog (Archie)

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