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Melissa Lynn The Hedgehog Is An Clone Of Sarah The Hedgehog


Name: Melissa The Hedgehog

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Race: Hedgehog

Alignment: Good

Nicknames: The Female Ultimate Lifeform

Likes: Saving The World, Helping Others, Hosting Gaming Parties, Swimming

Dislikes: None

Affiliated With: Hedgehog Heroes


Melissa Along With Her Sister Sarah Visited Jonathan At His House After An Tight Tense Battle In Which Shadow Got Tossed From Space Sonic Nearly Died 3 Times Jonathan Survived Without Getting Hit Jonathan Then Embraced Sarah And Melissa With Open Arms Ironically The Three Ultimate Lifeform Hedgehogs Skate Off To Their Next Adventure

Fun Fact: Melissa And Sarah Make Up The Hedgehog Heroes They Possess Greater Powers Then One Thinks


Mystic Control

An Different Version Of Chaos Control In Which Melissa Teleports In A Mystic Shield

Mystic Beam Blast

Melissa Can Shoot Beams From Her Wrists

Mystic Spears

Melissa Shoots Mystic Blue Spears Everywhere

Speed Shoes

Melissa Is Very Fast On Her Speed Skates

Inhibitor Rings

Melissa Has An Upgraded Version Of The Inhibitor Rings Called Chaos Rings In Which When The Chaos Energy Is Full Melissa Can Go Chaos Melissa The Hedgehog Which Is Far More Powerful But Downside Is The Rings Drain Faster Which Causes Melissa To Revert To Her Normal State Whereas Jonathan's Is Light Jonathan The Hedgehog (With No Limitations)


Super Melissa The Hedgehog

Melissa Obtains This Form By The Use Of The 7 Chaos Emeralds

Ultimate Melissa The Hedgehog

Melissa Then Uses The Ultimate Emeralds To Transform Into Ultimate Melissa The Hedgehog

Hyper Melissa The Hedgehog

Melissa Uses The Super Emeralds To Go Hyper


Melissa Is Loyal, Kind, Humble, Sweet, Caring And Helpful She Will Do Everything To Help


Melanie The Hedgehog

Melissa And Melanie Are Such Great Friends They Knew Each Other Ever Since They Were 12 Years Old

Joan The Hedgehog

Melissa Has An Great Relationship With Joan The Hedgehog They Have Known Each Other Forever

Anne The Hedgehog

She Is Great Friends With Anne The Hedgehog

Mary The Hedgehog

Melissa Is Great Friends With Mary The Hedgehog

Celeste The Hedgehog

Melissa Is Great Friends With Celeste The Hedgehog

Anna The Hedgehog

Melissa Is Great Friends With Anna The Hedgehog

Tahra The Hedgehog

Melissa Is Great Friends With Tahra The Hedgehog


Melissa Is The Only Female Besides Sarah To Have Chaos Powers

Melissa And Sarah Are Identical Sisters Due To Having The Same Birthday (March 2,1990)

They Are The Sisters Of Jonathan

Theme Songs

Sonic Boom-Crush 40 (Hedgehog Heroes Theme)

Hedgehog Heroes

She Is An Part Of The Hedgehog Heroes Which Also Includes Jonathan The Hedgehog (Leader), Celeste The Hedgehog, Aqua The Hedgehog, Hannah The Hedgehog, Becky The Hedgehog, Venus The Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Adult Rosy The Rascal And Sarah The Hedgehog They Get More Help From Melanie The Hedgehog, Joan The Hedgehog, Anne The Hedgehog, Mary The Hedgehog And Anna The Hedgehog And Later Tahra The Hedgehog

Retrieving The Chaos Emeralds

The Hedgehog Heroes Were Sent To Find The Chaos Emeralds They Found Them Problem Was Team Fleetway Was After Them As Well So They Snatched Them And Hides Them In Their Vault An Miracle Happens As Jonathan Goes Ultimate Turbo Jonathan The Hedgehog 6


The Hedgehog Heroes: Post-Apocalyptic Future

The Hedgehog Heroes

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