I've always love friends.-Mellisthumb|right|295pxa to Tiny&nbsp


When she was 1 her village got destroyed and her parents got captured by some Gazzales and Zebras.She has a destiny to become the Qeeun of the lion kingdom.Thow she does not know it.Her best friend is Tiny and her boyfriend's name is Mapenzi,Mellisa's real name is Moja Tu.She has been captured by many people and the only person who hasn't captured her because she was royalty was Eggman.Mapenzi is forced to never tell Mellisa of her self being a Qeeun thow she learns it.


A yellow lion with a nice cat like tail.She wears a black headband.Her clothes are usaul tomboyish.Boyfriend Jeans and a slanted shirt usaully.Her shoes are brown boots which she shares with Tiny alot since they both hae 14 pairs of boots from the same desighner Mid Tamed.

Allies and Rivals.

Tiny the mouse -


Mapenzi the Gazle -


Kuhani Wazimu the Gazle -

Someone who hates her.


She does not like or hate him.

Calie " Cal " the Fox -

They are best friends.

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